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Warren on atheists

The day after interviewing Barack Obama and John McCain on the stage in his church, Rick Warren said this: "I could not vote for an atheist because an atheist says, 'I don't need God,' " Warren said. "They're saying, 'I'm totally self-sufficient by… more »

Reason and belief

The famous worst worship songs post now has more than 600 comments. The most recent comments have drifted off-topic into a discussion of the reasonableness of the belief in God in general. I'd like to move that discussion to this post, and I'm going to… more »

King Josiah's Book

When I walked away from Christianity one year ago, I didn't have all the answers. I continued to read and think and to remain open to evidence that I hadn't seen yet. I first looked at the New Testament and I tried to understand how it came to be and… more »

Religious Autobiography

Part 1: Growing up in a fundamentalist church (1980-1998) Part 2: Switching to a slightly less legalistic fundamentalist church (1998-2002) Part 3: My time as a youth minister (2002-2004) Part 4: Leaving the faith (2004-2007) more »

The Bible Unearthed

The Bible Unearthed is a 90-minute documentary that aired on the History Channel. The sound gets a little out of sync on this YouTube video, but I haven't been able to find a better version. If you can't stand it, check your TV listings or just read… more »

Religious Autobiography 2004-2007

Part 3 of this series is here: Religious Autobiography 1998-2002. After quitting my job at the church, I kept my promise to become less involved. I went to Sunday morning services, but that was it. No Sunday school, no Bible studies and no… more »

Religious Autobiography 2002-2004

Part 2 of this series is here: Religious Autobiography 1998-2002 As expected, the church in Adrian offered me a job after I graduated. We moved to Adrian, bought a house and I became the associate minister at Adrian Christian Church. My duties… more »

Religious Autobiography 1998-2002

Part 1 of this series is here: Religious Autobiography 1980-1998. Before I left for college, I was warned by a couple of members in my home church that the church of Christ in Kirksville was not sound. You see, they had a kitchen in their basement.… more »

Religious Autobiography 1980-1998

I know that religion is not considered a topic for polite conversation, but that's never stopped me from talking about it on this site. I've written about religion as a pastor, as a former member of a strange group and more recently as an atheist. But… more »

Who's worse, Hitler or God?

It's hard to imagine anyone who is more evil than Adolf Hitler. But think for a minute about why we consider him to be so bad. The worst things he did were also done or commanded by the God of the Old Testament. I should clarify that I think that… more »

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