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I'm Tired of Religion

01/24/04 | by [mail] | Categories: faith/skepticism

I used to think God was just waiting for me to mess up so he could smash me like a bug. I used to lie awake at night so afraid that I would go to hell because I wasn't good enough. And I'll bet some of you have been told that you're not the right kind of person for church. You've been told that good Christians don't smoke or drink or cuss or get mad or get sad. Well, I've been a believer for 10 years and I have yet to meet a GOOD Christian. All of the believers I know have issues. Some use colorful language. Some smoke cigarettes. Some gossip. Some pirate music and software. Some just get on my nerves. So I don't know any good Christians (I know I'm not a good Christian), but I do know a lot of people who are loved and forgiven.

Do you know what I'm tired of? Religion. I'm tired of religion. Religion is like a club. Did you ever have a club when you were in elementary school? Remember how it works? Two or three people decide to start a club and they think of a name and a place to meet and then they think of who they're going to let in. Only certain people can be members of the club. You have to be smart enough or tough enough or you have to wear clothes from the right overpriced store. Nobody ever questions whether the leaders of the club even deserve to be in it, they just are. So a club is exclusive. And then come the rules. When kids make clubs they come up with the most arbitrary and stupid rules; rules that are designed to exclude some people and include themselves. And that's what religion is like, too. Some people get into the church and then they get the idea that no one else is good enough. They take it upon themselves to make sure that people don't get into the club unless they wear a suit or a dress, know all about the Bible, never cuss, chew or go with girls who do. Those are the people who are telling you that you can't smoke a cigarette out on the church lawn. They're saying that if you drink on Saturday night, you better not show up for church on Sunday morning. Religion is about saying the right things and acting the right way. Religion is about always showing up for the club meetings on Sunday and Wednesday. Religion is about doing things and excluding people and being proud of yourself and looking down on other people and enforcing rules on other people. In a word, religion (as I've defined it) is about FEAR. And I'm tired of religion. Do you who else was tired of religion? Jesus. The religious people of his time were always ticked off at him because he didn't follow their rules. They said if you want to be in the club, you always have to wash your hands a certain way before you eat. They said if you want to be in the club you have to take Saturday off (and they had detailed rules about how much work you could do). If you want to be in the club, stay away from certain people, like hookers, crooks. But what did Jesus do? He ate with dirty hands. He healed people and did other work on the Sabbath. And those people club members avoided, he hung out with them. This is important, so let me give you an example.

Tax collectors. In the first century the nation of Israel had been taken over by the Roman Empire, so all Jewish people had to pay taxes to Rome. But the job of collecting taxes from individual people wasn't done by the Roman soldiers who were in charge. They got locals to do it. They hired Jewish people to go around and collect the money that would be sent to Rome. So when a tax collector showed up at your house, it could be someone you went to school with or a kid down the street, or it could be family. They were doing the dirty work of the Roman government. That would be enough to make you hate tax collectors, but there was one more thing. They got to charge whatever they wanted and keep the extra for themselves. So these guys would take huge amounts of money and get rich off of their own people. What a bunch of creeps. Today it would be like a crooked IRS agent or a televangelist that steals from his donors. These people were messed up and no one liked them, especially not the leaders of the religion. They had no place in the club. Enter Jesus.

Luke 5:27-32

27After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his tax booth. "Follow me," Jesus said to him, 28and Levi got up, left everything and followed him.

The fact that Jesus would even talk to this guy is amazing. Asking him to follow him must have shocked everyone, including Levi. But he did it. And then what did he do? He did the same thing that he did every time he took in a bunch of money in a good week: He had his friends over and threw a party. He was excited about the hope that Jesus offered him and he wanted to celebrate.

29Then Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at his house, and a large crowd of tax collectors and others were eating with them. 30But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law who belonged to their sect complained to his disciples, "Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and 'sinners'?"

Then the club members hear about it, the religious people. They can't believe Jesus is hanging out at a party with these sinners! Doesn't he know that those people can't be in the club?

31Jesus answered them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 32I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

This is why the religious people hated Jesus. This is why they killed him. And this is why I'm tired of religion and religious people. Jesus said, "It's not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick." He didn't come to be our club president, he came to be our doctor. And the church is not a club, it's a hospital. The church is not a place for perfect people to come and all act the same. It's not a place to enforce rules on each other and judge each other. It's a place for people to come when they're sick, scared, ashamed, worried, sinful, hateful, drunk, crooked, slutty, stoned, prideful or dishonest. And all of us who are sick come so we can meet the doctor, the only one who can help us. The saddest thing is when we finally get the courage to come to the hospital and get some help and all we find is a snobby club. But don't give up on Jesus because of that. He's you're only hope. Can you imagine what Jesus would have sounded like if he said some of the things that religious people say today? [video]

I'm tired of religion and Jesus was, too. He didn't care about starting a religion, he cared about healing people. He cares about the problems that you're having in your family. He cares about the trouble you're having at school. He cares about you when people hurt you, and he cares about you when you hurt yourself. Most of all he cares about you when you're separated from your creator. And we all are. Every person is separated from God because we all mess up. We all need a doctor. And God loves us when we're separated from him. Even if you don't believe in him right now, he still loves you so much. And that's why he sent Jesus to pay for our sins. Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." When Jesus was killed his perfect life paid the price for all of our screw ups. This did something amazing. It opened the door that our sin had closed between us and God. Jesus did all of the work, and yet we still have to walk through that door. We have to put our faith in God. We have to take steps toward a better life (repentance). One of the steps we should take toward God is to be baptized. There's a lot of debate about whether this step comes before or after we're actually through the door, but I don't really care, the important thing is that you do it. If not right when you're saved, then shortly after it. Jesus opened the door, we walk through it, and then we're back with God. There's no other way to get right with God. You can't be a good enough person, you can't be religious enough, you can't just believe that God will overlook your sin.

What I want you to know is that God loves you no matter what you've done, no matter what kind of person you are. The worst thing you can do is decide to stay away from God until YOU change your life. That's like saying, "I don't want to go to the hospital until I'm feeling more healthy." If you're sick, you go to the doctor. You can't heal yourself, but he can make you better. God wants to change the things that are wrong with your life, but he has to have you first.

And if you are a believer already and you have friends that are hurting themselves, don't judge them. Don't shut them out. Love them and introduce them to the good physician. And remember that you're not a member of a club, you're a patient in a hospital, and from time to time you get to show someone else the way to the doctor's office.



God wants to change the things that are wrong with your life, but he has to have you first.
+++++But whatever you say, what ever is in the Bible I am tired of it all, God already has me for 19 years. And I dont find him doing really anything in my life. I have been ill mentaly for over 30 years. So all the prayers I have said in love and begged for, and many have prayed for me is a waste of time. Nothing has happened. I have to give up soon, God does not love me I am sure… Oh dear I cart be bothered… I have exasated my faith and its making me feel worse by staying a beleiver. God bless you, good some of you are happy.

nic [Visitor]03/08/06 @ 17:40

You are tired of religion, but you are a Christian… so you are part of a religion. I am tired of all of it. Christians, Muslims, Jews, whatever… it’s all a bunch of bullshit that people are too dumb or worried to be without. I was forgiven by default… actually I should forgive whatever “God” for having to endure all the bullshit that I have to… and anyone else for that matter.

Russell [Visitor]  08/10/06 @ 14:30

Hey you know - maybe being forgiven is actually important? maybe there is a real hell - and for sure i deserve to go there. and i fucking love jesus for given it all up - just to pay for us scum. you don’t have to go to heaven - but it sure is easy to go there…

believe in christ:

seek and you will find
keep on knockin and the door will be opened.

Andrew [Visitor]  09/20/06 @ 22:40

“just to pay for us scum”

This is one thing I hated about Christianity. It says all people are depraved scum, even as babies, because two people, who did not even know what morality was, ate some stupid fruit. I’m glad I left that religion, and I will not raise my children in any religion that says they are nothing but scum. In fact, I don’t plan to raise them in any religion. I’m going to let them think for themselves and decide which religion ,if any, they want to be a part of.

Leelee [Visitor]  09/28/06 @ 19:07

LeeLee, I will pray for your children then, and you, cause you’re all going to Hell if you don’t wake up and smell the scum you’re sitting in.

Jesus came and died for us all, but we do have to realize just how fallen we have become.

Bob [Visitor]10/09/06 @ 00:10
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/10/09/06 @ 07:16

Hi I am a clean addict and alcholic of 4 1/2 yrs I had a very colorfull past GOD delivered me of an 13 year addiction that rehalbation clinics said I was hopeless and sent me home to die in my addiction. I went to prison for my crimes and GOD seen me through that as well I came home from prison and wanted to be accepted by a church and church members I felt like if any one would accept me it would be christians right wrong I didint fit into their club and it hurt your story has touched me in a way that I know now I am not the only saved sinner to not be accepted. On Sunday morning I get up brush the dust off and wipe the tears out of my eyes and I search and will never stop searching for a place to assemble in GODS house. Thank-you for writing articles that take courage and strength to write. GOD bless you and your inspriation.

rhonda atkins [Visitor]  http://centurytel.net11/25/06 @ 14:59

it doesn’t make your faith more attractive to Leelee.

We are suppose to lead people to Christ, but are we suppose to make the gospel “attractive"? Granted the phrase concerning “scum” was uncalled for, but if we won’t recognize the depravity of man, and the penalty due us, how can we truly know the grace of God?

Jeremy [Visitor]  http://prudence.wordpress.com11/28/06 @ 03:27

I was radically saved 6 yrs ago. I fear that i have caught this religion. Please pray fo me Dan, I want out, and I don’t know how

bonnie [Visitor]  01/04/07 @ 23:23

Hi, Dan.

I just wanted to encourage you to keep up your beliefs in spite of all of the negativity, to say the least. I can’t believe some of the atrocious things people are saying about this message. Your heart is open to the living God and not to the dead, empty patterns that even modern-day Pharisees practice. Keep it up, and don’t back down in spite of those who would persecute you for speaking the Truth, because in a world that loves lies, many will spit Truth out of their mouth, disgusted. You believe in a Truth that is a small molecule in a sea of lies, and I encourage you to remember that what you said was absolutely correct.

God bless.

Aviel [Visitor]  http://www.myspace.com/relinquished01/16/07 @ 05:33

Thanks to all for posting your thoughts. I think we all struggle with our fallen nature and some of us even ask God for help. Once we abandon ourselves, we can then begin to “let God". I still personally struggle with this, as I still love myself more than I should.

davewood [Visitor]  03/22/07 @ 09:56

This is a growing problem in the church that you brought up. I know this becuase I’m a ministry but I’m a ministry that agrees with you. I hate to say it but the church is becoming more and more like a club. My thought and prayes are with you. but in the same token I know exactly what you feel. I was not raise up in a religion but I see more and more of it. And I’m seeing more and more people that has left the church looking for a real church. A church built on biblical doctrine and not religion or opinions.

Jason [Visitor]  http://preacher-who.blogspot.com/04/03/07 @ 10:54

You hit the nail on the head with your blog! So much of what passes for ‘faith in God’ is nothing but fear and resentment. If we are indeed children of God, and our relation to the maker of all things is comparable to parent and child, then nothing, not even ourselves, will keep God from setting things right, eventually. THAT is what I consider faith. I don’t sign my real name to sites very often but will on this one. God bless you for speaking the truth against the death and despair that is preached by these blind ‘denominations’. I have known atheists who were far closer to what Jesus taught that most of the religious people I know (whose kindness always came with a price tag of some sort).

Christopher Cormier [Visitor]  05/02/07 @ 13:21

the bible says no one is good but God. but we do have to TRY to be good (romans chapter 6). && i noticed a phrase that shocked me… “I f**cking love Jesus". how can u talk like that??? read the book of James! religion = man-made. Christianity = a real relationship between a human and his/her Lord, Jesus Christ.

before anyone discusses Christianity, you should read the Bible because THAT’S the only true source of info about our faith. I can’t go and argue about cars and what’s better for a car if i don’t even know anything about it. you maybe think u know about it, but unless you’ve studied it you don’t.

Well this is pretty much what I typed in on my google search “What to do if you are sick and tired of religion” Sitting here reading all these comments helped me refocus… If I want to be rid of religion I guess I would have to be dead!!! Because it always has been and will be until HIS kingdom be established, which is why we are here! I have been walking out this walk for 17 yrs. and I am at the place right now that I really don’t want anything but God the rest just leaves us empty and confused. I also believe that we have got to come to the place in our Christ Like walk that we are thinking about GIVING instead of GETTING the truth is when we POUR OUT HE WILL POUR IN and we will not be dissatisfied. People who are blinded by the spirit of religion are just that Blinded and we need to be examples of a victorious life in HIM… That is how I knew I was in a religious rutttttt..I had a dear friend graciously show me that I was looking in the wrong direction, when we look to MAN we will always be dissappointed and God will make sure of that…there is a place in us that only He can fill. So in saying all of this I challange all of you who are Born again Spirit filled believers to Be the Salt of the Earth ( to even the religious church world) Jesus always showed a better way, we must also. I will also add I am so sick of Predictable church but I think my responsibility would be to EXPECT God to move to change even one life through me.

timi [Visitor]  05/06/07 @ 23:07

Sick and tired of religion? Maybe it’s time for a relationship.

I agree with much of the sentiment of this article and the passionate desire for something “more.”

You might find several of my own “blogs” to be along the same or similar lines.

And you might find this site amusing (even if it really won’t give you much information if you don’t live in Tulsa). But it would be amusing …


Also: http://warriorsink.wordpress.com/


Debbie Pullman [Visitor]  http://warriorsink.wordpress.com/06/27/07 @ 20:01

My husband and I were doing a search “tired of religion” because we were both raised in church, have attended church, have lead worship in church, and are now not attending. There are a few points I disagree with you on, smoking and drinking, but most of what you said is true. The church has become a stuck up social club. They want you to be a “team player” which means women dress like men, men wear suits, and you do whatever the pastor says. Even if that pastor is a pedophile or homosexual. Pastors are not God. They can fall and be as corrupted as any one of us is capable of becoming if we don’t get right every day before God. My husband and I have attended so many churches and they want you to work work work. We are looking for a church that reads the word and worships God. We can’t find one. There are men’s groups, women’s groups and Dodger games. It is so simple and they complicate it. A lot of your comments said you were complaining but I disagree. We totally get why your frustrated with religion because we are too. We want to do something about it. We want to connect with people that feel the way we do. E-mail us if you are interested.

Paul and Lori Carhart [Visitor]  http://Keep church simple07/22/07 @ 04:27

Hi Daniel, You had some truths to say and I do see you point. This is an important message for you, please read and pass it along. God has made contact. The message is about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively. It was sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth is First, Life, Death, Birth is Last, completing the circle. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. As birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God’s Angels in the Spring of 2006. Yes, God has made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Tell two people. OH, one more thing I thought was interesting. Did you know that Mike Douglas died on his birthday. Melanie Steffan

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]  07/27/07 @ 11:15
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/07/27/07 @ 11:20

Haha… “Daniel” - you have a couple of posts that really bring out some interesting people! :)

dave [Visitor]  http://www.mindfulmission.com07/30/07 @ 11:07

Know why you are sick of church ?

No one has got it right yet that goes and builds a building, costing millions, hires a preacher, builds a pulpit and pay Him to tell you what to do and what to believe.

2000 years ago they met in small groups in their homes or other public places.

They assembled daily whenever and whereever they could to encourage and edify one another.

Here are the things they did one for the other:


Love one another: John 13:34-35; 5:12, 17; Rom. 12: 10; 1 Thess. 4:9; 1 John 3:11,14, 23; 4:7, 11, 12; 2 John 1:5; 1 Peter 1:22
Love one another to fulfill the law: Rom. 13:8
Increase our love one for another: 2 Thess. 1:3
Abound in love for another: 1 Thess. 3:12
Love each other deeply, to cover a multitude of sins: 1 Peter 4:8

Have fellowship one with another: 1 John 1:7
Forgive one another: Eph. 3:13; 4:32; Col. 3:13
Greet one another with a holy kiss (an embrace in some cultures): Rom. 16:16; 1 Cor. 16:20; 2 Cor. 13:12; 1 Peter 5:14
Wait for one another to break bread: 1 Cor. 11:33
Bear one another’s sufferings: 1 Cor. 12:26

Serve one another with the gifts each person has received: 1 Peter 4:10
Serve one another in love: Gal. 5:13
Be kind to each other: 1 Thess. 5:15
Care for one another: 1 Cor. 12:25
Bear the burdens one for another: Gal. 6:2
Wash one another’s feet as a sign of humbly serving: John 13:14
Work with one another: 1 Cor. 3:9; 2Cor. 6:1

Teach one another: Col. 3:16
Instruct one another: Rom. 5:14

Encourage one another: Col. 3:16; Heb. 10:25
Exhort one another: Heb. 3:13
Speak the truth to one another: Eph. 4:25
Lay down our lives one for another: 1 John 3:16
Spur one another to love and good deeds: Heb. 10:24

Edify (strengthen, build up) one another: 1 Thess. 4:18 & 5:1, 11
Edify one another gathering together each one with a hymn, a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or its interpretation: 1 Cor. 14:26

Give spiritual care:
Confess our sins one to another: James 5:16
Pray for one another: James 5:16

Act with humility:
Honor one another: Rom. 12:10
Be of one mind one with another: 2 Cor. 13:11; Rom. 12:16; 15:5
Do not criticize one another: Rom. 14:13
Do not speak bad one of another: James 4:11; 5:9
Submit to one another: Eph. 5:21
Be clothed with humility toward one another: 1 Peter 5:5

Live in harmony:
Have patience one with another: Eph. 4:2
Live in peace one with another: Matt. 9:50
Receive one another with hospitality: Rom. 15:7; 1 Peter. 4:9
Glorify God together: Rom. 15:6

May God bless, Clay

H. Clay McCool jr. [Visitor]  08/08/07 @ 15:42

You have described more of a cult than a religion. Regrettably, most modern religions have begun to resemble cults. They are more interested in control and raising funds than in spiritual development of the individual. It’s time to walk alone and rediscover the basics.

A Key [Visitor]  http://www.cathetel.com/angels.htm12/15/07 @ 06:32

I think Clay wrote some good points on Christainity. Then there are number of bad teachings of the Church he didn’t mention. Daniel you wrote some good points too. I get sick of religion too. Most of us are so divided in our beliefs. It is all a Schism. We all think we are right and everybody is wrong. God wants to put the pieces together.
I know the pieces fit. I watched them all tumble and fall. I took that from Tool. That is why God has returned. He wants to tear down the Church and rebuild it. Parts of the bible are not the word of God, they are the word man. You can say WT Fudge again if you want. I’ve heard it all. I am tired of the insults too. I have the same agruement with Athiests as I do with Christians. They all disagree with me. I disagree with them. Everyone is a know it all. We are all so smart. We can all disagree on just about everything. We all disagree on disagreeing. The ones that annoy me the most are the ones that get the bible out to prove their point that they are right and I am wrong. Then the scripture they are reading could be something the Romans made up and wrote down. Then God disagress with the Athiests and the Christians too. God cares for both equally. Atheists don’t go to Hell for not believing in God. And Preists can go to Hell if they are evil. I didn’t find that information in the bible. God told me that in person. You can put that in the bank. That’s the word of God. So what you believe is not a factor in where you spend eternity. You don’t have to believe in Jesus to go to Heaven. That is a superstitious belief. Bible is full of superstitious beliefs. Example; If you have faith,if you really belive, you too can walk on water.

It really doesn’t make any sense that just believing gets you into Heaven. God doesn’t hate Gays and he doesn’t look down on Women as inferior. God cares for just like your earth father. The lies and the money and the dogma have torn the Church apart. God wants to put the pieces together. God told me a story that does not agree with the Church. The lies have torn the Church apart. God is sick of it.
God is a busy man. He had to stop work, come down, to straighten this out. I agree with him, there are a number of people that are full of it. We are all full of it. Most of you arn’t as smart as you think you are. Jesus can’t walk on water, heal the sick or rise the dead. And Virgins don’t give birth. If you believe those obvious lies then you could be stupid. They have been decieved. Don’t feel bad, your not alone. Yet those lies don’t prove that God does not exist. God does exist. He was here. He had volumns to say. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. You don’t have to believe me and you don’t have to believe in Jesus. You do get Judged in Heaven no mater what you believe in. You get judged on your works not your beliefs.

In fact you don’t have to believe anything I wrote. You’ll find out for yourself after your dead.

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]09/09/08 @ 18:29

I can’t go to Church either. The lies and the nonsense makes me want to scream. I just want to say, stop it, just stop it. I can’t take the brain washing. Don’t let them think for you. Find God on you own. Don’t read the bible either. If you do read the Bible just pick out the parts you like.

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]09/09/08 @ 18:34

One more thing before I am gone for good. God told me the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. The people in the Church had over a thousand years to figure out the meaning. They were all wrong. They couldn’t figure out something as simple as what is First. They all came up with some really strange meanings that are all wrong. Frankly I didn’t care about the meaning of First is Last. Just like you could care less about it too. God did care. This is his big issue. He went to a lot of trouble to get this message out.

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]09/09/08 @ 18:43

Correction: To the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . It means that Birth is Last and Birth is First. Sorry for the error. God talks in symbols and opposites at times so it takes time to figure out what he is saying. Some of his messages are clearer than others, plus they have multiple meanings.

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]10/09/08 @ 11:56

There is No GOD and Christ was just an allegory for the Pagan worship of the sun. Check your facts. Faith is the belief in bullshit.

Dan [Visitor]10/09/08 @ 15:11

It thrills me to see that God still has witnesses to His glory. When you don’t chance upon a site like this or hear other Christians scream, Help! I’m Tired of Religion, you could like Elijah cry out, “Lord, they have killed all your prophets and I’m the only one standing.” Sometimes, it’s so painful to witness the powerlessness of the church. People run to us for help and we can’t give them succour. We don’t have what it takes the confront the myriad challenges confronting us. Where does the blame lie? Certainly not with God. The truth is, He will not confirm what we preach ‘with signs and wonders following’ because we aren’t preaching the gospel of His Son Jesus Christ.

Pearl Adams ( pen name} [Visitor]  10/14/08 @ 09:28

I posted a comment yesterday on this thread. Today’s more like an addendum. I believe we should be careful in our reaction to what’s happening in the church so we don’t end up with a critical spirit. God opens our eyes to see these things principally because He’s called us to intercede for the church. We are part of the mess and should pray fervently for God’s intervention. Pointing accusing fingers at christian leaders of whatever persuasion will only keep us in the camp of the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN!

Pearl Adams ( pen name} [Visitor]  10/15/08 @ 01:31

This is one small piece of Proof:

Like I said earlier, the Holy Spirit talked to me, besides his message about First is Last and Last is First, he had something to say about “Who Killed JFK”.
Christ tells me that the man who shot JFK is a policeman. He also tells me the name of the shooter, but it is in a jumbled word. The word is “Fritters”. I see the name F. Ritter right off so I think that is the name of the killer. Now God has lots of other messages for me to figure out, so I put “Who Killed JFK” on the back burner for over a year. A year or more later , just recently, I have more time to look for F. Ritter. I can’t find a policeman with that name who lived in Dallas, Texas in 1963. So I am search for information about who killed JFK and there is a picture of a policeman by the name of JD Tippit. Now Tippit kind of looks like Ritter. Now I un-jumble the letters of Ritter to TIRRET. Now TIRRET looks more like TIPPIT. Now I make the R’s stand at attention, I get TIPPET. One problem is that the I and the E are not the same. So I do some research on the family name TIPPIT. Turns out that in the late 1800’s JD Tippit’s grandfather changed their name from Tippett to Tippit. So the next step I change the E to I. So Tippet is now Tippit.

Now I have FS Tippit and JD Tippit. The first two initials are not the same. Next I go to Wikipedia there I find that JD does not stand for anything. That means his name is just J D. So the initials F S, do not stand for anything. I just have two initials that do not stand for anything. Are you following me?

Next what does FRITTERS mean. If your following my thinking here, God is going to tell you what happened to JD Tippit after he was shot. Fritters are a dough that is deep fried. Bread also means body, like in the last super Christ takes the bread and says this is my body. Look in the dictionary, PIT means HELL. TIP means money paid, gratuity. There are other meanings to Tip and Pit, you can look them up yourself.

JD Tippits body (dough) is placed in the deep fryer (lake of fire). Now I think this clue (Fritters) was INGENIUS. After all God came up with it. I think he does have a sense of humor too. Kids now have a new game to play. They can play God. Pilsbury dough boy fry’s in the lake of fire. You get HELL! fry baby fry!

If you think this is just crazy. Remember I am just the messenger. Jesus is the one that had to talk about JFK. So he had a reason for doing that. He told me who Killed JFK so that you would believe his messages are from God. Only God knows who killed JFK. I had forgotten about the case years ago. This is a cold case now, it been 45 year since the shooting.

I also read the part about giving false prophesy. God says false prophets go to Hell or something like that. I only repeat what God told me. Now what I wrote above is from God. He told me who killed JFK in 2006. The above is not a lie or a joke and I am going to HEAVEN without fear.

Before I forget. Gods messeges usually have more than one meaning. F S could also stand for “Fence Shooter”.

Who are the co-conspirators? Turns out that there are two policemen named Tippit, and one Tippett working in the Dallas police Department that same year(1963). Back to the clue word Fritters. That is plural, you know about plural. We have two fritters. The co-conspirators name is Gayle M. Tippit.

Now the Dallas Police Department obviously covered up and framed Oswald. He was the Patsy. They did it cause it is very possible that one of the other police officers rushing to the scene saw Tippet fleeing the scene carrying a rifle. They covered it up because of the embarrassment of one of their own was the man that killed JFK? And the Warren commission must have also figured that out so they stuck with the Dallas Dept. story saying that it was Oswald. It could have been a National embarrassment. Now if you look at the evidence like I did. It is easy to see that the DAllas Police Dept tampered with the evidence over and over again. And they did a very bad job of it too.

Now this is my opinion, not Gods. I think God is behind the creation of the Internet. I could never have been able to figure out a lot of his messages without the use of the Internet. People on the Net have been a big help to me. God talks to other people too, they just don’t know it. God let me know it was him.

On November 5, 2008 at 10:31 am Melanie Stephan Said:
Now I just made solving the case of “Who shot JFK?”, look easy. I also gave you proof here. Did you see it? You ask where’s the proof. The proof is that it is impossible for anyone to repeat what I just did above. I mean try it. And I do that over and over again in all of God’s messages.
See if you can make up a word that is a fried food (like fritters). Unjumble the letters to reveal the name of the killer (Tippit). Then divide the word Tippit into words that describe what happened. Tip- means that JD Tippit was paid for the job and the presidency was over turned. Pit - means that he went to Hell for what he did. Pit means the worst Hell.

See if you can prove me wrong. Show me how easy it is to make up a name like “Fritters” that solves the crime. This clue is ingenious. God came up with the name “FRITTERS”. God is a genius, not me. I am only the messenger.

Then the two remaining letters F. S. stands for Fence Shooter. It ingenius!

Then on top of that it just so happens that there are two Tippit’s working in the Dallas Police Department in 1963. Fritters (plural) means we have more than one Fritter going in the deep fryer . The other shooter is Gayle M. Tippit. He goes to Hell too. Now I did some research on Gayle M Tippit. There is very little information on him unlike JD Tippit. In my search I found two Gayle Tippit’s still in Dallas. One died in 1967 and the other is married and still lives in Texas. So the other conspirator could still be alive and has managed to avoid detection.

This is where it gets intesting. Does Gayle M. Tippit come forward and ask God to forgive him? I think he also has to ask the American people to forgive him for his part in the murder of the president or he gets the worst Hell just like JD did. God told me that waiting until the 11th hour is too late. God is forgiving, but you can’t wait until your on your death bed to ask to be forgiven.

Now if Gayle M. Tippit wants to save himself from the deep fryer. (This could be a long fry, not a quick dip.) He has to come forward and ask to be forgiven. He still gets death or Hell but it won’t be the worst Hell. Just like the worst death is being crucified.

Gods messenger, Melanie Steffan

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]11/06/08 @ 09:20

best. comment. ever.

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com11/06/08 @ 11:41

Man you are right on. I am agnostic because I am tired of the brain washing. If I told my grand parents that I was agnostic I would be disowned. You cannot win with this type of conditioned thinking. WE ARE NOT GOING TO HELL JUST BBECAUSE WE DON’T believe jesus is the messiah. It’s possible but more than likely not. The world is vast and people have been around long before the bible. and they are going to be around long after the bible. You should just love your neighbor and I knew this without the bible, or church.

Chris B [Visitor]05/10/09 @ 21:56

…I’m latinoamerican…and it’s for that kind of perspective I pray for americans…hey people…Jesus did never spoke about hell as something with a primal importance. Your life is important, what you can do with ur life is always important. Jesus said there wasn’t another way to reach the father but him. Therefore Jesus is important on a christian life. God can give us the necesary strenght for not to be feared of hell…and I can continue with many ideas for all night long. But I have noticed that there are some features that the people that Paul was writing to already had:
First is the good known “trust in god"…but for everything, I mean until that finger movement we make over the keyboard when writing comments and posts. So there is an “I need you God” and a “God?…can and I ask you if this stuff I’m doing right now are alright??” (your mind will auto formulate unnatural impartial ideas, in most of cases) The “Born-again"’s will understand this freely.
2.Extreme humiliation, “forgive me god” at anytime (don’t be afraid of what could people do to you), trust in the justice of god (that aparently mistreating of life that form our personality)and repent…then that extreme and incredible and clean joy will appear…
and not to forget everything is guided by the big love of god. Trust in his severity too. Sorry for the lack of language. Any question can be send to my mailbox…despite I’m nobody to respond but a christian that want to follow the good truth and do his job.

Diego [Visitor]09/06/09 @ 21:59
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/09/07/09 @ 07:20

Don’t get tired of regilion because when you say you do it’s like saying you get tired of having faith in GOD.

Family Trust [Visitor]http://www.familytrustonline.com11/09/09 @ 00:36

What would you do if I said that God was going to “SAVE” EVERYONE!!!

and the thing He was saving you from was the hell that is this world of sickness…

and that the heaven He is taking you to, is the heaven that is inside you.

And one of the main ways He does this is by taking away the brainwashing of man’s religion.

Adam [Visitor]11/09/09 @ 16:38

im 14 and i dont beleive in this in religion what kind of dumbass beleives that a PERSON has powers,i think religion has put a huge in soceity,(everyone wants to meet god but no one wants to die and meet him today).

dayan [Visitor]11/16/09 @ 16:17

im 14 and i dont beleive in this in religion what kind of dumbass beleives that a PERSON has powers,i think religion has put a huge DENT in soceity,(everyone wants to meet god but no one wants to die and meet him today).


dayan [Visitor]11/16/09 @ 16:21

wow - just read the fritters thing… Slap me sideways.

The simple fact is we are all brainwashed, even the atheist.

Everyone is… it is how the brain works.
and to say ” my brainwashing is better than your brainwashing,” is kinda dumb, but then again, thats my brainwashing talking.

P.S. Melanie, I think it was the driver that shot JFK.

Adam [Visitor]11/16/09 @ 22:03

Hello everybody who wrote in on this blog. Most of you are tired of religion. This is understandable. Religion has done more harm than good. But most religions don’t represent the true God. They represent man’s ideas of what godliness is. The answer to this is to stop following men. Instead we need to study the Bible for ourselves and learn true doctrine from God Himself. But how do we do this? There is an excellent book out now that will get you started down this path. It is entitled: “Christianity Without Religion” by Joshua Powers. It shows the many flaws in denominational religions but then teaches the remedy: how to study the Bible for yourself. If you have been led by some church with their lesson plans you have been taught wrong. This book is not backed by any church or ministry; it is simply one man’s experiences and numerous classes taken by him on how to study scriptures accurately. The Bible must teach doctrine, not some church or ministry. We can each individually do this and then leave religion behind and develop a true relationship with God. Doctrine must be understood by each person if it is going to be believed. This book is available only direct from the publisher who is: Xlibris. The website is: www.xlibris.com. The ISBN is: 978-1-4257-7881-1 God bles you all in your personal studies. I sure have been!

Lyle Friedrichs [Visitor]01/18/10 @ 15:33
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/01/18/10 @ 17:16

Written by humans but not authored by humans. You, Dan, will never understand this nor will I bother explaining it.

Lyle Friedrichs [Visitor]01/19/10 @ 13:22

Anthropologically, religion is always about dividing: clean from dirty, right from wrong. Too often, it ends up diabolically - slandering, accusing, condemning. In a very true sense, Jesus ended all religion at the cross. He came with something new, His life that is the true Light of all humanity.

Sharing Gods love and life, that is true religion.

Al [Visitor]02/10/10 @ 21:29

Hey Dan, I don’t have much to say about your comments right now. To be honest, I haven’t read them all. I happened upon this site looking for people’s favourite versions of worship songs (long story). I’ve been a Christian since I was 19 - I’m 45 now. Been through hell (so to speak) for a few different reasons & the only thing that made it through was a very basic belief in the fact that God exists ( because I couldn’t deny He made Himself real to me before my conversion) and that He loves me (which He also made clear to me when He revealed Himself for whatever reason). I have so much compassion & understanding for the things you are saying. Thanks for being so honest. I believe the basics - you know what I mean - Jesus died on the cross, rose again, paid the price for us, is the only way, etc. What I want to say to you is not really anything in words, but I have a desire just to let you know I care. I “stand beside you” & respect & appreciate your obvious good mind & heart & I trust you’ll work it through. May your mind & heart be free from torment and peaceful in just the way you may long for (as I pray mine are - gradually, for sure).

Sincere best wishes to you & your dear family,


Tammy Johnson Mayer [Visitor]02/11/10 @ 16:56

Dan, by the way, I realize these are old comments & that you’ve since become an atheist. I think I wrote my last post in light of all of that.


Tammy Johnson Mayer [Visitor]02/11/10 @ 17:02

Melanie slaps Adam sideways. Hi, Adam. It couldn’t have been the Driver. You can see where the shot comes from in the Zapruder film. It didn’t come from the front seat. If you take a look at the picture of the Badge Man, you can see that he has the exact same hair line as that JD Tippit has. This picture was taken the very instant that the fatal shoot was fired. You can see the gun blast, the badge and the hair line in the picture. I am not the only person out there saying it was Tippit. I am however the only person that God gave a clue word too. God told me it was a Policeman and his name was Fritters. I had to do a lot or research, because I was to young to remember the news story about who killed JFK.

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]05/07/10 @ 16:38

I am also the only person that says that the Tree that Eve took fruit from is really a Book. Please excuse me for copying this verse from Genesis:

Genesis 2 : 17 But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.”

This is a strange tree that bears knowledge. Tree don’t grow knowledge. Books do grow knowledge. The Book holds knowledge of good and bad. The book is the Bible, it’s about good and bad. So what is the fruit in this book? The Fruit is Jesus. Jesus was nailed to the Tree.

The Tree Bears Jesus.

The Serpent is a stick. The stick speaks. The Church speaks through the Cross. So who is Satan?

Dan writes: The Bible was written by humans, too. Dan is correct. The New Testament was written by Man (Satan). Satan is the Roman Catholic Pagan Church, which is Man. God himself says so right from the very beginning in Genesis. Your getting the good with the bad. The Old Testament (good) was written by God and the Old Testament (bad) was written my Man (Satan).

How do snakes deceive us? We think the snake is a stick, until it moves.

Genesis 3 : 3 But as for eating of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, God has said, “You must not eat from it, no, You must not touch it that you do not die.” 4 At this the serpent, said to the woman: ” You positively will not die.”

The serpent is saying “Digest Jesus and you will not die.” Doesn’t this sound familiar to you. In the old Testament. Jesus says, “Believe in me and you will not die.”

“The Church (Satan) is telling the Truth". Eve didn’t die the very day she ate from the Tree. Besides even before God said I was going to die, I already knew that I was going to die, so what’s new? Did anyone really believe that they were going to live forever on Earth?

In the very beginning of the Book of Genesis God tells us exactly who Satan is. Genesis are Gods own words. I know how he talks, it’s aways in symbols and clues. Genesis has his signature all over it. It’s a master piece. God is a genius. Adam and Eve are hiding in the bushes bare naked after they ate the fruit because they were ashamed. After Adam and Eve read from the bible they knew that being naked was a Sin so they hid. They were ashamed of their Sin (being naked). God is telling you two stories in one. Were we so snow blinded that we could not see this. I hope you can see how brilliant his words are in Genesis. It is just a masterpiece. No one can do what he does.

I am not here to convert anyone. Atheits go to Heaven and believing in Jesus does not send you to Hell.

Jesus is innocent. The Church speaks for him. The dead don’t talk.

Melanie Steffan [Visitor]05/07/10 @ 17:26

I forgot the most important part. Books are made out of the pulp of trees. Sticks and a Cross are products of Trees. Books have leaves. Leaflets come from trees. God knows about the future and he knew that in the future Books would come from Trees. Now Moses wrote Genesis about 3000 years before Jesus ever showed up. Moses wrote exactly what God told him even though he didn’t understand it. Then it took another 2000 years to figure out that the Tree was a Book. This is proof that God is real. 5000 years ago God is telling you about the future. Who else can do that? Who can right a book 5000 years ago and then have it come true today? Who can do that?

The Jews were faithful to God, they are still waiting the the Messiah. Jesus was not the prophet.

Melanie [Visitor]05/07/10 @ 17:47

Just wanted to share this passage with you. This is from 2 Timothy:

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound teaching. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

I only share this because it is a testimony against all of us (humans) who have been influenced by our cultures relativistic world view. (And all of us have been influenced!)

Tambo [Visitor]05/09/10 @ 14:42

Tammy just quoted from the writings of Satan. Who attributes it to Timothy. Satan made up the name Timothy. The words of Satan please her.

Snakes can’t talk. Humans do.

Melanie [Visitor]05/20/10 @ 17:02

Read Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” and you will sleep in peace for the rest of your life.

It takes a bit of courage to come out as an atheist, but you are not alone. There are 1.6 billion of us, and we all aspire to a better, religion-free world were our children can live as mature beings, freed of superstitious beliefs.

ModernMan [Visitor]11/05/10 @ 13:38

God told me that Richard Dawkins goes to heaven. God is very fond of Richard.
He also said that Leona Helmsley goes to Hell. She was mean to people all her life. On her death bed she asked God to forgive her. God said it was the 11th hour. It was to late. Seems to me there must be numbers of people out there that think they can just ask for forgiveness on their death bed and they will be forgiven. Let this be a lesson to those that think they can be a SOB right up to the day they die.

God also said that just believing in Jesus will get you into Heaven. He said that Jerry Falwell, TV evangelist did not go to heaven and he did not go to hell either. God didn’t want him in heaven. He just didn’t like him. Most of us didn’t like him either. Jerry just vanished. He is just gone.

Melanie [Visitor]03/04/11 @ 17:25

Error. I need to make a correction to what I wrote above.
Just believeing in Jesus will not get you into Heaven. I forgot the all important word NOT.

Melanie [Visitor]03/04/11 @ 17:29

I was raised as a Catholic all my life. But did not feel the presents of the Holy Spirit. I did not like going to Confession confessing my sins to a catholic preist. Later reading the Holy Bible Jesus said he was the mediator between us and the Father. Jesus has told us that we need a personal relationship with him. Its not about religion. The religious leaders are who had Jesus put to death.If you are not happy in a church and they are not preaching the word of God, Get into a spirit filled church. I am going to a penocostal church they Baptize,lay hands on the sick,oppressed,there is slaining in the spirit.Speacking in tongues. They preach of heaven and hell. I love church and to worship the Father God and his Son Jesus.

Jenny Baldwin [Visitor]03/25/11 @ 11:37

Jenny -
I like drinking.alot of people like it too, there are posters of people drinking and parting and having a blast, music videos and movies show us how much fun it is. If a certain drink makes me feel terrible and ill, i change over to another one thats better for me like white wine or different brand of beer. The fun starts over again. You making a first order logic error once again. and youre missing the point. you should be asking is drinking really good for you? No it isnt. many lives are ruined by it, families, health, murders occur, fights, car smashes etc etc the list goes on. Religion is exactly the same. It has been around for 6000 years plus minus. I look around and see more crime, evil and suffering than there was 6000 years ago, more creative and totally devasting crime. the whole planet is even dying cos we’ve done so much evil stuff to it in terms of pure negligence for money.
So - ask your self. is religion doing the job it set out to do, regardless if its true or not? I dont think so. More ,lives have been lost, people tortured, animals sacrificed, rapes, imprisonment and even wars fought on the topic, the list is endless. Wweather inspired by god or man, it’s irrelevant. Its done it. Its time for it to go. I think 6000 years circa is enough time to give anything to prove itself - dont you? or should we give it more time? take your bibles, your parchments, scrolls etc and go quietly. there other better ideas out there that like humanism and utilitarianism that cacn and will do a far better job.Amen

Lee [Visitor]04/03/11 @ 07:26

Right out about Religion, but why are you still bantering on about Jesus? Religion worked well when there wasn’t a strong system of law and order. We now have a legal system, a constitution, ethics and human rights: religion has been replaced with modern logic.

Without education we would all be cave dwellers. Education has been compounding on itself since the dawn of man. I chose to read more current works of knowledge, not 2 thousand year old immorally-dead books.

Being spiritual is one thing because not every question has been answered. Don’t look to religion for answers though: it fills in the gaps science hasn’t answered with good marketing. The sooner you start looking at your pastor like the used-car salesman trying to steal your money, you’ll see the farce of religion.

Brett [Visitor]04/03/11 @ 14:35

Hello Dan,

(I’m not a nativ, so excuse my poor english )I don’t know where you stand now in your search for God and/or answers. But I would really like to find out.
You are right, church isn’t what Jesus supposed it to be. A lot of Christians (and I don’t mean the religion, but the believe - following Christ)are sick and tired of the nowadays “Christianity". This is why all of us found your article here.
I saw something very strange: a lot of emphasis on “going to hell".
The heart of Jesus was poured out in His last disscusion with His Dad: And I want them to know You, because that’s the eternal life. (paraphrasing, if interested, check John 17 - the heart of the good news).
It’s true there is a hell, a heaven, Bible as the Word of God (read it when wanting to talk to Him, to know Him, to find his thought), there is such thing of sin (that hurts the esence of God).

But THE IMPORTANT thing is the relationship with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
If anyone’s sincere in his search, there are answers. And if somebody is looking for God … you will find Him.

The genocid, the (s)exploitation of little baby girls in Thailand, the Holocaust … why do you blame God for it?
(Feel free to contact me - maybe I could be of little assistance)

Domino [Visitor]  06/02/13 @ 02:46

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