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Swarm of Flying Robots

This is very cool. Be sure to watch to the end to see the swarms flying in formation. more »

Best Video of the Day

Japan + Segway + chimp = awesome more »

Uh, what?

Two of these videos are beauty pageant contestants trying their best to form coherent sentences. The other is a parody. I'm not sure which is which. more »

Screencast: Install weather plugin for b2evolution

Here's a video showing how to install and use my Weather plugin for b2evolution. more »

Dancing Bananas is back

We've posted Episode 4 at the Dancing Bananas website. I also put all of the episodes on YouTube and moved the subscribe links to the sidebar. As always, you'll find links to the high quality version. We've recorded episode 5 and it should be out… more »

Adrian v. Tipton

This is the highlight reel I made of Friday night's high school football game. I was mostly just playing around with my new video camera. I made the music in Garage Band. High quality quicktime file. more »

My TechTV appearance

This is the clip of my netcam call into The Screen Savers, back before it died. You can also watch this in higher quality Quicktime here. Epilogue: Kevin Rose recommended Debian because it has a utility named apt-get that makes installing apps much… more »

Emma's new video (again)

I'm experimenting with YouTube's embedded video player. Click on the play button to start the video. I've also added a tab at the top of the page called 'Videos'. Click on it to get a list of my videos (also embedded from I really like… more »

Emma 3 1/2

I finished a new home video: Emma 3 1/2, and I've added it to my videos. Or, if you want a higher quality version, you can download this file (Requires Quicktime 7). more »

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