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Top 10 Reasons I Don't Believe in God

09/17/08 | by [mail] | Categories: faith/skepticism

Top 10 Reasons I Don't Believe in God @ Greta Christina -- This is an excellent list and lines up well with my reasons, too. Read it. If you like it, Digg it.



1) he doesn’t exist

2) he still doesn’t


¥åßßå [Visitor]http://innervisions.org.uk09/25/08 @ 08:51

you don’t believe in God because you’re a faggot who has no faith. and you’re just angry at things and the way your life is.

Jeremy [Visitor]http://www.somethingawful.com11/29/08 @ 20:19
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/11/29/08 @ 20:39

Wow, is that the new evangelism technique everyone is using these days? The call them faggots method? I guess I’m just not up on all that anymore.

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com11/30/08 @ 17:06

So, what’s next? Does that make you any better? If the answer is no then your argument has no point. If the answer is yes still the same. Trying to find if God exists it’s meaningless because some people think they have prove to say that God doesn’t exist and some other say the opposite. So find yourself in this mess and tell me. Does it matter?

Stalin Pimentel [Visitor]06/10/09 @ 18:07

i do believe in god cooz he has made the best time in my life

mere [Visitor]10/21/09 @ 14:57

well i always go to church and i have 5 children who do believe in god and always pray when they are in trouble and it works. they get what they want

mere [Visitor]10/21/09 @ 14:59

there is no god your childeren may pray but how many times have they prayed and didnt get shit if your god is all powereing and supernatural then show your face i mean you are the alpha and omega hes a joke something someone made up years ago to keep society guessing at what to do with their life well i aint falling for the shit

Ben [Visitor]08/07/11 @ 17:27

Where a society that want everything handed to us when we ask for it God cares for us thats why were alive today People say they read the bible but since they are trying to discredit it in every verse They dont see what it truly means.

Johnny Joe [Visitor]08/18/11 @ 11:42

if you thiink that god the creator of the universe thinks he has to show himself to you think again your not worthy. also it wouldnt make sence the whole point of faith is to find those people who really love god, and I hope that you would just try to intellegently prove that that god and the bible and fake because you cant. hope you get to heaven eventually it would be horrible if you didnt make it and i mean that. Also to the people on here that call themselves christians by some of your comments you sure arent being christ like maby that is one of the resons noone belives.

seth E [Visitor]11/04/11 @ 07:37

I cannot believe anyone in the 21st century would promote faith as a good thing. It is the foundation of superstition, junk-science, the supernatural and, of course, religion. Promoting reason, rationality and science will solve human suffering. Faith just helps the rich get richer and the poor accept it – because they will inherit the earth and the Bible says it’s okay to be poor or sick or unlucky. Pretty convenient for those who want to control us, eh? But it’s all about the 12 Unthinkable Horrors of Human Existence:

1) There Is No Afterlife
2) God Does Not Answer Prayers
3) Life Is Chance
4) Life Is Not Fair
5) There Is No Eternal Justice
6) God Is The Invention Of Man.
7) A Single Mistake Can Ruin Your Life
8) Man Is Not Special
9) There Is No Absolute Morality or Truth
10) Free Will Is a Myth
1)1 Experts Can Be Wrong
12) Romantic Love Is A Myth

Time to grow up, be an adult, take responsibility for your own life and stop praying to your invisible sky-daddy.

It’s Okay. You can actually give your own life purpose. I promise.

I M Probulos [Visitor]  http://www.improbulos.com01/03/13 @ 10:23

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