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Work day at our house

03/06/04 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Today my parents came over and helped us make some improvements to our house. Being the geek that I am, I documented it for posterity. Click below to see the pictures.

First we replaced the ancient light fixtures in our kitchen (above left) with some nice, new ones (above right). My dad is a great electrician and he helped a lot. Ok, it was more like me helping him, if by helping you mean handing him things and staying out of the way. My sister, Jenny, thought the light cover would make a good contact lens (below left).

Mom put some tile on a corner in our bathroom that didn't have it. I was too late to take a 'before' photo, but I did catch a 'during' one (above center). I also took an 'after' picture (above right), but they ran out of tiles, so it's more like during, part 2.

Then Dad and I replaced an old light (above left) in our bathroom with a new, bright light with a ventilation fan built in (above right). This will keep our mirrors from fogging and paint from peeling. Emma liked talking to Dad thought he hole in the ceiling (above center) Many thanks to my parents for their help!

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god bless our mom and dad. i miss you all, sorry i couldn’t be there to help out

mike [Visitor]03/09/04 @ 00:35

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