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Lord of the Rings Racing Game: Mordor GP

03/07/04 | by [mail] | Categories: miscellaneous

The April issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly had this preview of a PSP game. My friends Anthony and J.J., showed me this. We think it must be an April fool's joke. What do you think?



Well, considering that it’s the April issue and that the PSP has been delayed until next year, I would say it’s an April fools joke. EGM is infamous for their April Fools hijinks.

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com03/07/04 @ 19:26

It has to be an April Fool’s joke…. Look at the time displayed in the race. 04:01:04. Also, if this was the first PSP screen, it would have been top story number 1 and would have been on the cover of the magazine.

Luis [Visitor]http://lsdjhfaksjdhkasj.com03/08/04 @ 06:39

u look so cutewill u go out with me

millie [Visitor]03/09/04 @ 07:15

Actually, that’s not me in the picture, that’s Gandalf the White. And, no.

Danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com03/09/04 @ 09:53

i hope its a joke…. i couldnt believe it when i saw it…

drift150 [Visitor]03/17/04 @ 16:39

Yes its a joke they annouced it in their 15th anniversery issue so stop worrying. jheesh!

Ryu416 [Visitor]03/19/04 @ 14:43

can i play please

[Visitor]05/28/04 @ 23:38

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