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Emma 3 1/2

09/10/05 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal, video

I finished a new home video: Emma 3 1/2, and I've added it to my youtube.com videos. Or, if you want a higher quality version, you can download this file (Requires Quicktime 7).



made me smile from beginning to end. that was fun

mary [Visitor]09/10/05 @ 20:28

duuuuude! awesome… freaking loved the music. didn’t get to wertch it all but the beginning made me smile as Emma is sort of a clumsy midstep, if you will, and you cut in with 3.5 years. noice, duuuude… i’m jealous.

[Member]09/11/05 @ 06:13

a masterpiece! watched it all… beautiful. is that ‘they might be giants’?

[Member]09/11/05 @ 06:21

Tina and I had a great time watching Emma in these videos!! I can’t wait to see more with your new camera!

KIM ENOS [Visitor]09/18/05 @ 22:12

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