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Uh, what?

09/29/08 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news, video

Two of these videos are beauty pageant contestants trying their best to form coherent sentences. The other is a parody. I'm not sure which is which.





Did Palin answer the question?
The bailout is going to raise taxes.
She makes a statement about reduction in taxes Okay? Another statement 1 In 5 jobs created from trade like that’s a good thing. She’s totally confusing and down right scary. The more she says makes me wonder what do people see in her. I hope they see her as she is as the campaigning goes on that they will change their mind. Mccain campaign keeps saying about Obama and no experience. Okay, just how is she qualified?

Deborah [Visitor]09/30/08 @ 08:01

That is *exactly* the video I thought of (South Carolina) when I saw the first video (Palin).

Matt [Visitor]09/30/08 @ 19:38

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