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My TechTV appearance

09/13/05 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech, video

This is the clip of my netcam call into The Screen Savers, back before it died. You can also watch this in higher quality Quicktime here. Epilogue: Kevin Rose recommended Debian because it has a utility named apt-get that makes installing apps much easier. I ended up using Ubuntu, a distro that is based on Debian, and apt-get turned out to be one of my favorite things about Ubuntu. I haven't even bothered trying to compile a program since I switched to Ubuntu.



“You are on the path…”

Freaking awesome dude.

[Member]  http://brendoman.com09/14/05 @ 01:25

That’s pretty cool.

[Member]  09/14/05 @ 07:05

that’s pretty cool dude. but why the telephone? this was from home.. obviously?

[Member]09/14/05 @ 21:50
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/09/15/05 @ 07:38

Hey Dude,

The last day or so I’ve been putting in some hours trying to figure out this viedo blogging thing. I just posted my first one to my site not too long ago. I was wondering if you could help me out. I don’t know much about video conversion, because many of my files are way too big, what is an easy way to size them down and save quality?

nathan [Visitor]http://nairnsnews.blogspot.com10/06/05 @ 23:15

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