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Simpsons and math

06/03/04 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

If you love the Simpsons and you love math, then you might think this website is cool: SimpsonsMath.com

It basically details all of the mathmatical content and jokes in all relevant episodes. Including one of my favorite Simpson's jokes from the Bart the Genius episode:

Teacher: So y = r cubed over 3. And if you determine the rate of change in this curve correctly, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
[The class laughs except for Bart who appears confused.]
Teacher: Don't you get it, Bart? Derivative dy = 3 r squared dr over 3, or r squared dr, or r dr r.

Har-dee-har-har. Good times. Tim, if you don't like this link, then no one will.


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Yeah. Dat’s a good site. It would be impossible to find a more intelligent show on television (except maybe Jeopardy, I guess). So many important references from so many disciplines. My favorite is actually non-math related (though the mathemagician cracks me up). Mr. Burns lives at the corner of two streets: Croesus and Mammon. I offer my students extra credit if they can tell me the significance of these street names. Talk about obscure. Why, one would practically have to be a greek minor to appreciate the brilliance. Season 4 DVD’s come out this month. Let the laughter continue…

Tim [Visitor]06/03/04 @ 23:18

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