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Quiz bowl

02/28/04 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

This morning Sara and I served as judge/reader at the Adrian hosted 6th grade Quiz Bowl Tournament. I read science questions in one of the rooms and Sara was a judge in another, settling disputes about answers. One question that was debated a bit in both rooms was in the category of Astronomy. The answer was on the page as "Polaris," but contestants in both rooms answered "the North Star." I thought it sounded good, but the judges ruled it incorrect. What do you think? Congratulations to Adrian, the first place team. Archie came in second. It was a fun morning.



Going from past quiz bowl experiences, if they meant for North Star to be an acceptable answer, they would have put it on the page.

Cole [Visitor]02/28/04 @ 22:50

Ok, here are some others. A math answer was 50% and someone said ‘half.’ Right or wrong? Another math answer was ‘90 degree angle,’ and someone said, ‘right angle.’ Right or wrong?

Danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com02/29/04 @ 19:14

Those should both be correct, just because they are so similar.
Polaris and North Star and normally interchanged ya know.

Cole [Visitor]03/01/04 @ 16:57

I think a good dose of reason an dcommon sense needs to go into those. Like the entrance of synonyms into the competition.

Henry [Visitor]http://honzo.brendoman.com03/01/04 @ 21:37

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