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Weekend at Danny's

03/01/04 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Brendan was our guest this weekend. He came into town to make his presentation to the ACC missions committee and to hang out with us. We (wirelessly) networked our laptops and played a little Gunbound. Ok, we played a lot of Gunbound. I'm developing a condition I like to call Starcraft Eye (because my eyes used to hurt so bad after playing Starcraft in my dorm room for 4 hours straight). We watched the Oscars last night and were happy to see Return of the King bring home 11 awards, including best picture. Today Brendan helped me with a vexing computer problem. I won't bore you with the details, but I'll just say that even though a lot of things about Windows XP annoy me, its internet connection sharing works better than anything else I've tried to date.



I know. What is the tally now…

XP Benefits 2
XP Problems 54

Henry [Visitor]http://honzo.brendoman.com03/01/04 @ 21:36

Hey guys…here’s a comment for Sara’s “You have What??” post. While I think most commercials are dumb, and especially those talked about in Sara’s post-I just saw one that made us laugh out loud. If you haven’t seen the new ad for a certain men’s issue (it wouldn’t let me post with “V—-a"!!) yet, you’re in for a treat. I can’t describe it well enough to do it justice. But picture “We are the champions” by Queen and men in slow motion jumping and running in celebration. It’s hilarious. Even for a dumb commercial.

(by the way, this is Beth (Rozier) from Truman…I got married.) :)

It’s fun to read about you guys and what’s going on. :)

Beth West [Visitor]http://www.xanga.com/befro03/02/04 @ 10:14

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