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Muslim Community Center

If Muslims shouldn't build a community center in lower Manhattan because a few nutjobs from one sect of their religion committed grave crimes near there, then we shouldn't allow any churches to be built near schools because a few nutjobs from one sect… more »

Election announcement

This April I will be running for the office of north ward alderman in Adrian, Missouri. Last spring I was appointed to serve the remainder of someone else's term, and now I am running for my own term. No one else filed for this office, so I am running… more »

Serve and Protect

What if police coverage worked like health coverage? Fortunately, we all share the cost of providing police protection to everyone. more »

This American Health Care

This American Life devoted two episodes to the health care system in America. I found them very informative. More Is Less (MP3) Someone Else's Money (MP3) more »

Tool-Using Monkeys

Health Care: The Problem

Much of the discussion our nation is having about health care is centered around the advantages and disadvantages of various proposed reforms. Maybe we need to give a little more attention to the problems themselves. I understand that conservatives have… more »

Health Care Fact Check more »

Military equality

Dear President Obama, It's time to end "don't ask, don't tell" and let openly gay people serve in our military. Moral Kombat Lt. Dan Choi, a West Point graduate and Arab linguist who was discharged from the Army National Guard earlier this month for… more »

TMBG @ JJ 2009

We took Emma and a friend to the 2nd annual Jiggle Jam, a children's music festival headlined by They Might Be Giants. TMBG has been one of my favorite bands for over a decade and it's been great to see them expand into children's music. They've… more »

City council

Tonight I was sworn in as an Adrian city councilman. The mayor resigned a few months ago and one of the aldermen was acting as mayor. The council decided to appoint him as mayor and they needed someone to serve the rest of the alderman's term (about 14… more »

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