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Serve and Protect

10/27/09 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

What if police coverage worked like health coverage?


Fortunately, we all share the cost of providing police protection to everyone.



Prior to me working full time I paid for health insurance. My husband applied for insurance through that same company and was declined because of an appendectomy he had a year prior. It was laughable but very frustrating. It’s not really a condition that’s going to recur. This video, while funny, certainly hit home.

Ginger Roels [Visitor]11/12/09 @ 13:08

I respect your argument here, but it does little to overcome my objection.

Where does the federal government obtain the authority to force you to buy insurance, to tax you to provide free OR paid coverage? There are enumerated powers in the constitution, and government run health care is not one of them.

However, there is some speak of what to do regarding healthcare. it can be found in the 10th ammendment.


I actually support the right of the state of NY, MO, or KS to create a state run health care plan. I don’t think it will work as well as the free market can, but I support their right.

If federally run health care IS constitutional in your view, then pls show me where. And under your argument, pls site any example of the limit of government for any legislation at all, provided is “well intended” of course :)
Otherwise, I’m suggest that federal health care would require an amendment to the constitution.

Kevin [Visitor]12/01/09 @ 14:30

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