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Quick poll

I'd like to take a quick poll. Please leave a comment with your answers to these questions: 1. Who is your first choice of McCain, Clinton and Obama? 2. If it's Obama vs McCain, who will you vote for? 3. If it's Clinton vs McCain, who will you… more »

Instant translation

Google announced their new AJAX Language API today. I thought a translator that worked as you type would be cool and I was able to put one together in just a few minutes: Instant translation Now I wonder how hard it would be to make an iPhone… more »

Lifelike robotic quadraped

Boston Dynamics, a small DARPA-funded robotics company is designing the robot in the video for the US military. The video shows the bot, called BigDog, maintaining balance while being kicked, slipping on ice, climbing over rubble and leaping. It can… more »

Personman for the iPhone

Last week Apple finally released the iPhone SDK so that developers can create programs that run natively on the iPhone. I downloaded the SDK and installed it. It would be fun to learn some Objective-C and try my hand at making iPhone apps, but web… more »

The atheist candidate

I guess I won't be running for the Missouri House of Representatives. I went to a meeting of the Bates County Democratic Party for the first time last Thursday. They were having their caucus for selecting delegates to the regional convention. Bates… more »