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Instant translation

03/20/08 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

Google announced their new AJAX Language API today. I thought a translator that worked as you type would be cool and I was able to put one together in just a few minutes:

Instant translation

Now I wonder how hard it would be to make an iPhone optimized version . . .



That’s cool. It translated my simple English into pretty decent Spanish.

Kyle [Visitor]http://www.brendoman.com/kyle03/21/08 @ 06:03

It’s also neat to see how the program begins attempting to translate word-for-word as I begin typing a phrase, but after I finish it goes back and modifies the translation to a more appropriate one.

Kyle [Visitor]http://www.brendoman.com/kyle03/21/08 @ 06:06

Got Holz für Schafe?

Matt [Visitor]03/22/08 @ 10:36

Thanks for this nice tool.

Can I have the code?

Mohamed [Visitor]  http://alnokta.arablug.org03/30/08 @ 10:14

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Jean [Visitor]http://www.atomicstudios.com06/12/09 @ 00:37

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