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To Watch or Not to Watch...

Last night, I finally realized that this 2-hour-a-day Dawson's thing is getting ridiculous. So I decided to watch today's episodes and call it quits. (Don't congratulate me yet.) I looked up the episode guides for the rest of the season and realized… more »

Vacation update

Great news, the Tour de Midwest has added a stop: 1.5) We'll be staying one night in Macon, MO, with some other friends from Truman, Joe and Amanda. Joe was one of the first people I got to know at Truman, he led the small group where Sara and I met.… more »

Top 5 Top 5 Lists

If you thought I was the only one.... 5. Top 5 Nestle and Ralston-Purina Combinations This is an anomaly in an otherwise unfunny site. Two stock brokers trying to be funny: it won't take any insider tips for you to know how funny the rest of this site… more »


Here's a fun and potentially useful little program. Neotrace Express lets you put in a domain name or ip address, and it will map the path that data takes from your computer to that address. For instance, I put in and the map shows my… more »

DSL on Linux

I'm posting this from my computer running Mandrake Linux. All I had to do was plug the network cable from the router into the back of the computer and it was online. It's so easy that I'm almost disappointed. I remember hooking this very same… more »


I'm sitting at my kitchen table writing this post sans wires. Our SBC dsl is running and the wireless router is working fine. Next project: Getting my Linux computer online. Huzzah! more »

A window into my family

Sara and I are planning our vacation. We're planning on going to 1) Brendan's graduation in Moberly, MO. Then 2) we're heading up to Kirksville to see some friends we knew from Campus Christian Fellowship. Then we're heading to 3) Kearney, NE, to see… more »

Top 5 Worst Worship Songs

Okay, I know, many of you want to string me up after merely reading the title of this post. Let me explain: I'm a jerk. I'm cynical and somewhat of a music snob. In no way have I or would I ever pretend to be able to write a worship song, or any song… more »

Looking for the best free RSS reader

I could really use some help on this one. I want to read my news from an rss program, but I can't find one I like. My favorite so far was SharpReader, but it doesn't work on my computer anymore. Please, recommend some good programs. more »

List Makers of the World Unite

Why didn't I think of this one? Blender magazine is publishing its list of the Top 50 Worst Songs Ever. Care to share yours? more »

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