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List Makers of the World Unite

04/21/04 | by Sara [mail] | Categories: miscellaneous

Why didn't I think of this one? Blender magazine is publishing its list of the Top 50 Worst Songs Ever. Care to share yours?



“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”
Give me a break…this one should have been at the top of the list.

Beth [Visitor]http://www.xanga.com/befro04/21/04 @ 13:44

I have to admit, i became disgruntled after reading the list.
Everybody have fun tonight is not a bad song in comparison to Living La Vida Loca or Hit me baby one more time…. OR ANYTHING BY HANSON

Cole [Visitor]04/22/04 @ 10:44

what’s wrong with hanson? as much as I hate mmmbop, hanson has actually made some quality music. I have become somewhat of a fan (although not owning one of their cd’s). The brothers actually have a lot of talent.

dave [Visitor]http://hippydave.brendoman.com04/22/04 @ 11:03

I knew this would incite some of you…

Cole, I have to agree, anything by Ricky Martin, even when he was in Menudo, is ridiculous.

Beth–haven’t heard that one, but it sounds bad, too. The things they get away with in Country music.

And Dave, while I usually respect your taste in music, you’ll have to prove this Hanson thing to me.

Finally, for my worst song ever: “Circle in the Sand” by Belinda Carlisle (of the GoGos). My brother and I counted the ‘baby’s in the lyrics–something like 50. AAAAAHHHHHH!

sara [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com04/22/04 @ 17:21

have you listened to new hanson? or really anything after their first bubble gum pop cd? it is some pretty good stuff. nothing real special, but not bad by any means. the post bubble gum pop stuff is better than most music on the radio today. give them a try.

but…like i said, their early stuff was terrible.

dave [Visitor]http://hippydave.brendoman.com04/22/04 @ 17:27

“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly". Need I say more?

sara [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com04/22/04 @ 22:01

Do Christmas songs count for this list? There aren’t very many that wouldn’t be there.

Worst Christmas song, and overall, for me:
(Simply Having) A Wonderful Christmas Time
by Paul McCartney. Technically by Wings.


Jared [Visitor]04/23/04 @ 02:01

I like that song, Jared.

Danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com04/23/04 @ 10:05

My worst Christmas song: “Santa’s Super Sleigh”

Danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com04/23/04 @ 10:06

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