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(By popular demand) Emma

Christmas loot

Here are some of the gifts that were exchanged in our family last week:Sara gave me Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns, a DVD about one of my favorite bands, They Might Be Giants. She also gave me a "Jesus is my Homeboy" t-shirt, two sweaters and a game.… more »

Holiday Snow Globe

Holiday SnowglobeClick to see a fun flash animation. Thanks to for posting this link. more »

Tech Tip of the Day: Windows Update

It's important to install the security updates that Microsoft makes available at This can keep you from being the victim of a hacker. Check this site often and install all Critical Updates. However, you're also given the… more »

Did Michael Jackson join the Nation of Islam?

This article says he did, this one is not so sure. The Nation of Islam is famous for its high conversion rate among incarcerated Black men, so I guess this makes sense. . . . more »


Oh, by the way. I saw the Return of the King on Wednesday at 12:01 am. It's not too shabby. more »

I can't work this compruter! Dagnabit!

So I've installed Mandrake Linux on my old computer (233 MHz PII, 64 MB RAM, 6 G Hard Drive). I feel like I'm learning how to use a computer all over again. It's taking me forever to do simple things, like set the clock, change the speed of the mouse,… more »

Lord of the Rings: Movie, book, homily

This TuesdaySara and I are planning on going to see the Return of the King this Tuesday night at midnight. I think my brother will go, too. If anyone else is interested, give us a call. I've heard that this film is the best of the three. That's what… more »

worst web site ever

My ISP, National Network Services has one of the worst web pages I've ever seen: Here's why I think it's terrible.Exhibit A: In the top left they've included their logo. It's totally pixelated and ugly. It takes about 20 seconds to… more »

Apple iTunes

I've been looking for a good music player for my computer and I think I've found one. I tried MusicMatch with it's pay-per-download service, but it ran slow on my computer and the library feature didn't work very well. Apple finally released the… more »

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