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Apple iTunes

12/09/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

I've been looking for a good music player for my computer and I think I've found one. I tried MusicMatch with it's pay-per-download service, but it ran slow on my computer and the library feature didn't work very well. Apple finally released the windows version of iTunes, so I tried that. It's great. It's fast. It's pretty. It's free. It's very useful and powerful. It offers fast cd burning (something MusicMatch makes you pay for.) When you copy one of your cds to your computer it automatically tags it and organizes it. This is also something that MM makes you pay to get. You also have the option of buying tracks for $0.99 each. This is a highly recommended download. Just click on the link above to get it.



Mac vs. PC
Well, well, well…so an Apple product is far superior to anything a PC can muster? I guess this proves I was right when I said that we couldn’t compare Macs to Windows because its like comparing Apples to garbage.-Tim (who would like to purchase a PC laptop for faster gameplay in Warcraft III)

anonymous [Visitor]12/10/03 @ 10:17

Re: Pacman vs. Ms. Pacman
Mac vs. PCYes, I admit it. Apple makes some good stuff. But unlike most Apple products, iTunes is actually affordable, even cheaper than the best PC alternatives. Linux may have the best of both worlds: cheap and reliable. I’ll find out if I can ever get the files downloaded for Mandrake (I’ve given up on Debian for now).

dan_acc [Visitor]12/10/03 @ 11:33

Re: Pacman vs. Ms. Pacman
If you want me to download some .iso’s for you just say the word!

brendoman [Visitor]12/15/03 @ 12:52

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