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worst web site ever

12/12/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

My ISP, National Network Services has one of the worst web pages I've ever seen: www.gabs.net. Here's why I think it's terrible.Exhibit A: In the top left they've included their logo. It's totally pixelated and ugly. It takes about 20 seconds to get it at the right size or to use Photoshop to make a better logo.Exhibit B: In the top right there's a jumbled mess of animated icons, some of which are links and some of which are just there to make the page more ugly.Exhibit C: One of the icons in the top left links to the download page for Microsoft Internet Explorer, a crappy browser.Exhibit D: Another of the icons in the top right links to McAfee anti-virus software. This will cost people money ($99). Why not link to AVG Free?Exhibit E: Next there's a warning about the Blaster Worm. It does give decent instructions for installing the update that fixes the problem, but this problem is old. Most people dealt with this about 3 months ago.Exhibit F: The email addresses at the bottom of the page don't work. I tried emailing them to deal with something a few weeks ago and email sent to each of the three addresses was returned. Exhibit G: The phone numbers work, but what you get is an answering service, more often than not. Exhibit H: Look closely at the fine print. The second to last line says "Copyright 1997 CompanyLongName." When this site was designed (probably using something like MS FrontPage) the template said "CompanyLongName" and you're supposed to replace that with the actual name of the company. This is careless site design.All of this adds up to give me a real lack of confidence in my ISP. And I've been getting disconnected more and more recently. Aaaand, this is, I think, the most expensive ISP with a local number in Adrian. The real question is, why am I not switching right now? Any recommendations?



You’re right, dude.
Yikes, man. CompanyLongName’s website sucks.I wonder if Adrian has a NetZero or Juno access number? Or if you would even be interested in that?b-sizzle

tub_a_jam [Visitor]12/12/03 @ 16:20

This is the most retarded website on the net!! It is dumber that a retarded rock! Please delete it now!

anonymous [Visitor]02/26/04 @ 01:57

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