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Tolkien = Chester

Loyal blog readers,

Your help is needed. Brendoman.com, host of this blog, website of my good friend, is holding a web poll to determine the 'Chester of the Year.' A chester is just brendoslang for a very cool person or thing. The current leader is Wesley Clark, former single-digit presidential candidate. While he is probably very chesterly, he can't compare to J.R.R. Tolkien, who is running a close second. I can't stand by and watch this great author get defeated by a presidential drop-out. So please, go to the poll and vote for Tolkien. Voting ends on April 10, so vote as many times as you can, and tell your friends!

One of the geekiest things I ever did

="http://brendoman.com/images/danny/tolkiengreektn.jpg" width="187" height="35" alt="One Ring" border="0">

When I was taking ancient Greek at Truman I did this just for fun. I translated the One Ring poem at the beginning of the Lord of the Rings into Greek. Now you can read it in PDF format, or if that doesn't work, as a jpeg.

Swim accross Australia

Dave Barry points out this strage news story: Cross-Australia Swim Revs Up

A group of swimmers has begun an ambitious journey, swimming across Australia in a pool attached to the back of a truck.

Windows tip: Keyboard shortcut for any program

Several times in the last few weeks I've been sitting at my computer and I needed to use a calculator. I was annoyed that I had to click through start > all programs > accessories just to get a stupid calculator. I could have added it to my quick launch bar or my desktop, but I didn't really want to do that, either. While Brendan was here he mentioned that this bothered him, too. So, I googled the problem and found a good solution. Now I can open the calculator program by holding Ctrl + Alt + C. Click the link below to read how I did it.

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DSL speed test


dial-up @


DSL is now up and running at the office. I downloaded a file earlier this week with the dial-up and it clocked in at 5.7 kb/sec, not bad for dial-up. Today I tested the DSL connection, and it downloaded at 141 KB/sec. Cable modems and T1s can get a lot faster, but 141 is a lot faster than what I'm used to. Over 20 times faster! I had resigned myself to a small town life with no broadband, so this is pretty exciting to me.

Fish story

Yesterday I finally got to go snagging. Gerald, Matthew and David took me down to Warsaw, MO, and showed me how it's done. If you've never been snagging before, here's the story: The spoonbill (aka paddlefish, aka Polyodon Spathula) hangs around at the bottom of rivers eating stuff and pooping (I can only assume). You throw out a 4-10 oz. weight and two huge treble hooks, drag them accross the bottom of the river hoping to sink some hooks into a fish's hide. It's exhausting, but a lot of fun and it's good to eat.

Matthew and I had never caught one before and we each hooked and then lost one within an hour of when we started. By the time we were done we had each brought one in. His was 36 inches and mine was 40. Click on the image above to see a bigger picture of my fish. Click on this link to see Matthew's fish. Come over to my house Saturday night (5 pm) to help us eat them.

Today is the day

DSL service is set to be turned on today at the office. I've got the modem turned in and as soon as the light changes from orange to green I'll know it's on. I just hope this hasn't been some elaborate April Fool's joke.

Space tourism news

This makes three:

Space Adventures®, Ltd., the world's leading space experiences company, announced today that American technology entrepreneur Gregory Olsen, Ph.D. will be the next private space explorer client. - Read more.

Pretty cool stuff. And the US House of Representatives passed the Space tourism bill earlier this month.

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