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This came in the mail

04/10/04 | by [mail] | Categories: faith/skepticism

We got a flyer in the mail today for Lowell Mason, who refers to himself as 'The Singing Midget.' He has performed over 1000 concerts at the Precious Moments headquarters in Carthage, MO. Check the website for booking info.



holy freaking crap. i remember the church i used to work at received one of these and i nearly died laughing. it’s funny as heck just to think about it… haha. this guy is the shizbomb. hardyharhar.

gringo [Visitor]04/11/04 @ 16:02

He’s still at it?! Whoa, Nelly. I just added a piece about Lowell Mason to my website, regarding his album “The Old Country Church", which I have the dubious honor of owning. Too weird. Anyway, if you’d like to see what I wrote about the little fella, click on the link above.

Hey, I might have to revise my site and include a link to him!

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