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Windows tip: Keyboard shortcut for any program

04/05/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

Several times in the last few weeks I've been sitting at my computer and I needed to use a calculator. I was annoyed that I had to click through start > all programs > accessories just to get a stupid calculator. I could have added it to my quick launch bar or my desktop, but I didn't really want to do that, either. While Brendan was here he mentioned that this bothered him, too. So, I googled the problem and found a good solution. Now I can open the calculator program by holding Ctrl + Alt + C. Click the link below to read how I did it.

Find the program that you want shortcut key for. Just look in the start menu where it you usually see it. Now right click on the icon and select 'Properties.' Go to the 'Shortcut' tab. In the middle of that window you'll see a box labeled 'Shortcut key.' It should say 'none.' Click in that dialog box and then hold the keys you want to assign. You don't type them in, you actually hold the buttons. HIt 'OK' then give it a try. You can do this with any windows program, just give a key combination that you can remember (though you can always return to the properties window to find it if you forget). Let me know if you get any use out of this tip.

Credits: I found this tip at tips.oncomputers.info


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