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Goodbye Hotmail

04/13/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

I'm beginning the process of changing email addresses. I'm tired of Hotmail. I've been using Hotmail Popper* so I could get my webmail in a regular email client like Thunderbird. It was better than speding the time logging onto the hotmail website and looking at that yucky interface, but it's still too slow. So, if you want to email me, please us my new address.

*Note: Hotmail Popper used to be freeware, but the newer versions are free trials and the software costs $18. So, if you get it, try and find an older version of it.


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Amen. Hotmail is the [insert bad thing here]

Honzo [Visitor]04/13/04 @ 19:34

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