Prayer and Cancer

I have some honest questions for my Christian readers. If I am misunderstanding what you believe, please correct me.

Do you believe that your god knows about a cure for cancer and yet refuses to share that information with humans? If he knows everything and is capable of communicating with humans (two ideas most Christians would agree with), then why is he holding out on us? Millions of people have prayed fervently for the god's help in the fight against cancer. There are any number of ways he could communicate this vital information: A full-page ad in a major newspaper, a half-hour special on network television, a semester long class at a university, a press conference at the Mayo Clinic, or if subtlety were important he could anonymously scribble the some hints on a whiteboard in a cancer research facility.

What would you think of a team of researchers who discovered a cure for cancer and then refused to share it? I think it would be a vile thing to do and I don't see how it's any better if the perpetrator were a deity. Of course, a cure for cancer is just one of the many pieces of information that humans are desperately seeking. An omniscient deity could have revealed all kinds of information throughout human history and saved millions of lives. But so far those answers have come from the painstaking work of scientists and inventors, not from religious texts or traditions.

How do you reconcile the idea of praying for someone who has cancer with the idea that your god is withholding the information that would answer your prayers?

Muslim Community Center

If Muslims shouldn't build a community center in lower Manhattan because a few nutjobs from one sect of their religion committed grave crimes near there, then we shouldn't allow any churches to be built near schools because a few nutjobs from one sect of that religion have raped children.

Or maybe the psychopath killers in al-Qaeda don't represent all Muslims any more than the psychopath rapist priests represent all Christians.

Old Home Movies: Jenny Brushing Teeth

I've been digitizing some old home movies and this is one of my all-time favorites. It's my kid sister, Jenny, on October 6, 1991. She's almost 3 years old and just goofing off in the bathroom sink, being cute.


Election announcement

This April I will be running for the office of north ward alderman in Adrian, Missouri. Last spring I was appointed to serve the remainder of someone else's term, and now I am running for my own term. No one else filed for this office, so I am running unopposed.

The city has several projects going and I look forward to seeing them completed. Any day now we will be breaking ground on our water line replacement project. After that is complete (early this summer) we hope to begin some improvements of street surfaces. We are also looking at plans for expanding our water production plant. These infrastructure improvements are laying the groundwork for the next period of growth in Adrian.

I look forward to seeing these projects completed and if you live in my ward (north of Main Street) I would appreciate your vote this April.

Books For Sale

During my time as a Christian and as a pastor I collected lots of books. It's been 2.5 years since I stopped believing in the Christian faith, so most of those books are irrelevant to me. Last night Sara and I went through our bookshelves and pulled out the books that we no longer want. I'm offering them for sale either as a group (my preference) or individually. I'd like to sell them locally, but I can ship them, too. This would make a nice addition to a church's or pastor's library.

I did keep a few books, including the most important texts to a few religions: a Bible, a Koran, a Book of Mormon and Dianetics (Scientology). I also kept a few apologetics books, a couple of secular academic books about Christianity, a book teaching the Biblical doctrine of geocentricism and several books from my time in the Church of Christ.

Below you'll find a partial list of the books I have for sale. There are also about a dozen Bibles of various types. If you want to stop by and look through the boxes, contact me. You might even leave with a few free books. For prices, I'm going to consult the used items on But I'll consider any offers.

Becoming Women of Purpose
The Leadership Genius of Jesus: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business
God's Little Instruction Book for Graduates
The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled- Beat-Up- and Burnt Out
Finding God in the Lord of the Rings
Investing Through Your Building Years
One Heartbeat Away: Your Journey into Eternity
Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul
The Five Love Languages of Children
Fertility: Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning
How Now Shall We Live?
Everyday Apocalypse
Night Light: A Devotional for Couples
Letters to Graduates
Lost Art of Disciple Making, The
Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry
Purpose-Driven® Youth Ministry
STARTING to Go Where God Wants You to Be--Student Edition: 6 Small Group Sessions on Beginning Life Together
Purpose-Driven® Youth Ministry Training Kit Participant's Guide
The Struggle
The Youth Worker's Encyclopedia of Bible-Teaching Ideas: New Testament
Loving Your Husband
Enjoying God: Experiencing Intimacy With the Heavenly Father
The Wall Chart of World History: With Maps of the World's Great Empires and a Complete Geological Diagram of the Earth
One - Celebrating 50 Years Of Compassion
The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament
Imitation of Christ
Becoming a Couple of Promise
Out of the Silent Planet
Mere Christianity
The Screwtape Letters
Making Sense of the Old Testament: Three Crucial Questions
The Great House Of God: A Home for Your Heart
Lucado 3 in 1: In the Grip of Grace/When God Whispers Your Name/Applause of Heaven
Couples Devotional Bible: New International Version
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality
How to Get Into the Bible
How To Keep Your Faith While In College
Youth Ministry Management Tools
The Power of a Praying Wife
The Power of a Praying Parent
Jesus through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture
Called to Be: Devotions by Teens for Teens
The Surrendered Christian Athlete
Training for Service Student Book: A Survey of the Bible
Women and Redemption: A Theological History
Soul Graffiti: Making a Life in the Way of Jesus
The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview
In His Steps
Well-Intentioned Dragons: Ministering to Problem People in the Church
Woman's Guide to Breaking Bondages
Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues : Exploring the Spiritual Themes of the Lord of the Rings
The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Genesis-Deuteronomy
The Purpose-driven Life:  What on Earth Am I Here For?
Praying With the KGB: A Startling Report from a Shattered Empire

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Bishop Spong on Christmas

I love Christmas. I'm not sharing these links to attack the holiday, but to open a discussion about which ideas and stories of Christmas are true and which are myth. For me, Christmas is a time of love, family and sharing. It's a bright cheery island in the long winter, something to look forward to. The stories told about Christmas are instructive and heartwarming, but as we mature we must sort out fact from fiction. In this series of articles, Bishop John Shelby Spong addresses the historicity of the nativity stories and what we can learn from them, even if they aren't literally true.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

I look forward to a spirited and friendly discussion.

Why Evolution Is True

Here is Jerry Coyne giving a talk based on his book, Why Evolution Is True:


I thought it was a good presentation of the evidence for evolution, though he veers a little off topic toward the end. He points out that acceptance of evolution is lower in America than almost any other developed nation and he explores why that might be and how it could be changed. It is a little strange that many people are unconvinced by the evidence that evolution happened, yet they are convinced that a person came back from the dead based on hearsay accounts from decades after the fact. Oops, now I'm getting off topic.

Anyway, check out the video and keep in mind that it is possible to accept evolution without giving up your faith.

Serve and Protect

What if police coverage worked like health coverage?


Fortunately, we all share the cost of providing police protection to everyone.

This American Health Care

This American Life devoted two episodes to the health care system in America. I found them very informative.

More Is Less (MP3)
Someone Else's Money (MP3)

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