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Old Home Movies: Jenny Brushing Teeth

03/28/10 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

I've been digitizing some old home movies and this is one of my all-time favorites. It's my kid sister, Jenny, on October 6, 1991. She's almost 3 years old and just goofing off in the bathroom sink, being cute.





stk [Visitor]http://randsco.com03/28/10 @ 17:58

What equipment and software are you using to digitize the VHS? Are you happy with it?

Tim [Visitor]03/29/10 @ 20:22

I can see why that’s one of your favorites. Dom just turned 3 yesterday, and it’s a fun age. One of the few times you’ll just randomly pick up a toothbrush from off a toilet and get to work.

Tim [Visitor]03/29/10 @ 20:42

(This has nothing to do with this video.)

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what Christians have done to you.
- Chad

Chad [Visitor]04/02/10 @ 10:49

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