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Who is the villain?

09/23/08 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

Who is the hero and who is the villain?


It's a Bible-believing[tm] preacher ranting about how another preacher is too accepting and non-judgmental. This guy made Joel Osteen seem like a nice person who's not too caught up in the uglier parts of his religion. I guess when you're immune to hocus pocus stuff you just see that one is a nice guy and one is an angry pompous ass (that comes at 9:19 if you just want to skip to the shouting).



If the presence of a word occurring in the KJV is proof of something existing, I wonder if Pastor Anderson believes in unicorns.

This is interesting, I’m still not done with it. Thanks for posting.

Brendon [Visitor]http://www.techfreak.net09/24/08 @ 08:53

That preacher has 141 clips of sermons on his youtube account. Here’s one titled “Jesus wore pants.” You’d think from the title it would be a parody - that’s a hilarious title! But no, Jesus wore pants, and if you watch the sermon, you might conclude that he wore a suit and tie from the way this guy talks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta9LSx8-9Vc

Lucas [Visitor]http://brendoman.com/wardwords09/24/08 @ 10:34

Oh! Here is the family blog: http://www.stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.com/

It is very Fred Phelpsian.

Lucas [Visitor]http://brendoman.com/wardwords09/24/08 @ 10:54
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/09/24/08 @ 11:18

If you don’t wear sandals, you are going to hell.

And they better be corinthian leather.

Brendon [Visitor]http://www.techfreak.net09/24/08 @ 13:21

Curses Danny! Because of your post I can’t stop listening to sermon snippets from that guy. It’s like an addiction. Today my favorite is “him that pisseth on the wall.” Which turns into a rant against men who “pee sitting down.” Something he refuses to do when he visits Germany.

Lucas [Visitor]http://brendoman.com/wardwords09/25/08 @ 10:48
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/09/25/08 @ 10:50

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