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We're there

07/02/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

We arrived safe, sound and 90 minutes late at the Kirkwood Amtrak station. Our friend Kevin (above left) was waiting patiently there for us. Kevin is getting married in 3 days, which is one of the reasons we?re in town. Kevin brought us to Tim and Angie?s house in St. Charles. Tim is the handsome man in the picture with two Apple computers. He?s a math teacher at Pattonville High School, and his wife, Angie, works in the administration at St. Anthony?s Hospital. They?re graciously letting us stay in the guest bedroom of their new house.



Sorry man
It was late when i got back tonight, didnt want to call the house and take the chance of waking Emma, I will get ahold of you this weekend though. Promise.Glad to know you arrived without mishap. Tell Emma, Yaya says hi. Tell Tim and Angie, hey, when are you coming to see us? Miss you all! The pix were great.

anonymous [Visitor]07/05/03 @ 02:55

hey bro
hey bro…looks like your havin lots of fun!!!….mike comes home the same day you do so come & see us as soon as you can…ok?tell everyone i say hello…wel thats alll…pics were great!lots of love,jen

anonymous [Visitor]07/05/03 @ 10:39

kevin beckner’s pain
kevin beckner is in some serious rectal pain in this picture. oh, and it’s Native American style. his Indian name is “hurts in butt."-danny ferguson

anonymous [Visitor]07/25/03 @ 01:29

Re: kevin beckner’s pain
the pain has stopped but the jokes haven’t. that’s not my butt that hurts; it’s my feelings.-kevin beckner

anonymous [Visitor]07/25/03 @ 01:31

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