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Aboard the 304

07/02/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal
I?m typing this on the train as we cruise through central Missouri. Each seat has an electrical outlet, so I don?t even have to use up the computer?s battery. So far we like traveling by train. It has several advantages over air travel. The seats and aisles are bigger, there?s more leg room, and we?re more able to get up and move around than we would be on a plane. In fact, the two seats behind us and the two in front of us are empty, so we have lots of room to play hide-and-seek with Emma or, as I?m doing now, to use the computer out of Emma?s reach. It also beats the airlines by costing about a third as much. It does take a little longer, however. We left Lee?s Summit at 8:30 am and we?re scheduled to get to Kirkwood (just outside of St. Louis) a little before 1:00. More to come.


Re: kevin beckner’s pain
the pain has stopped but the jokes haven’t. that’s not my butt that hurts; it’s my feelings.-kevin becknerWhat a beautiful kid. The baby is cute,too.

anonymous [Visitor]07/05/03 @ 02:57

That’s a great picture! Glad to hear you guys made it safe. Hope you’re having fun. I am!

brendoman [Visitor]07/05/03 @ 11:41

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