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War in Reverse

11/11/13 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

Happy Veteran's Day. Happy Armistice Day. Happy birthday to Kurt Vonnegut, the writer who taught me the difference between the two, and a big happy birthday to my friend Matt Sears, who first put Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five into my hands.

In this passage from Slaughterhouse-Five, Vonnegut, a Veteran of World War II himself, describes a character seeing a war movie in reverse.

Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut reads. War backwards. from LloydRizla on Vimeo.

Today I hope we can honor the men and women who have gone into harm's way in service of their country, but even more, I hope we can, in the original spirit of Armistice Day, work together toward a lasting peace like the one in Billy Pilgrim's vision.


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Hey there. I tell you what. That worship music post and what it turned into is a thing of beauty. I’ve been hanging out there for a month and of course its a bit of a shame the comments has been closed off. But Im sure you have good reasons. To me it felt like all the wise cracking teenagers up in the balcony from all generations finally got to meet each other. So fun.

Aaron Philby [Visitor]  05/07/14 @ 20:38

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