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Top Five Free Programs: #5

09/01/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Over the last few months I've tried out several programs to make my themost out of the dial-up internet I use.  Since I don't have a lotof scratch, all of the programs I tried were freeware.  I'm nowpresenting my top five most useful free programs.  Enjoy.


Star Downloader


Downloading files




Download Accelerator Plus,Mozilla Download Manager, your web browser

Web site:



Download now


If you're downloading files overa dial-up connection, you're going to want a download manager.  Itdoes two important things: First, it speeds up your download by breakingthe file into several parts and downloading them allsimultaneously.  Second, it allows you to pause and resume thedownload.  This comes in handy when you're halfway into a big fileand you need to disconnect your modem so you can make a call. You can also schedule several files for download and then let them runovernight.  Of the available download managers, Star Downloader isthe best.  It is totally free, contains no spyware and has severalcool features.  I would have put this program higher in my ranking,but this way you can use it to download the other 4 programs.


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Rock the Light Rules
Despite the overall soggyness of my everything for the entire day, Rock the Light was great once again. I definately enjoyed Reliant K the best and then probably Audio Adrenline, but overall a really good lineup.It looks to me like the discussion started going in circles. It’s rather informative though. I even recommend Star Downloader for non dial up connections. It does download faster even using DSL and Cable and allows you to pause downloads, which is a big plus.

brendoman [Visitor]09/02/03 @ 13:51

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