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Top Five Free Programs: #4

09/03/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal




Email program




Microsoft Outlook and OutlookExpress, Eudora, your web browser

Web site:



Downloadnow (7.34 MB)


Thunderbird is a project of theMozilla foundation, makers of some great free software.  The mainadvantages of this program over similar programs is that it is smaller,faster, more secure and it has better features.  The spell checkfeature works great and it stands alone, so it doesn't have to open MSWord and slow your whole computer down.  Thunderbird iswell-protected against viruses and hackers.  It has powerfull junkmail filters, too.  I really like the way the address book worksbetter that Outlook's contact list.  It makes it a loteasier.  If you use Hotmail, then you'll need something like my #3pick, Hotmail Popper, to check your mail with Thunderbird.



Rock the Light Rules
Despite the overall soggyness of my everything for the entire day, Rock the Light was great once again. I definately enjoyed Reliant K the best and then probably Audio Adrenline, but overall a really good lineup.It looks to me like the discussion started going in circles. It’s rather informative though. I even recommend Star Downloader for non dial up connections. It does download faster even using DSL and Cable and allows you to pause downloads, which is a big plus.It also has cool extensions that add features to the program and cool themes to make it look swell.

brendoman [Visitor]09/03/03 @ 15:57

Thunderbird extensions
do tell. What kinds of extensions are there and where do I find them? on the mozilla site or maybe mozdev.org?

dan_acc [Visitor]09/03/03 @ 19:02

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