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Take the Money and Run

08/20/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Monday night I watched my first Woody Allen movie. It happened to be Woddy Allen's first movie as writer-director: Take the Money and Run. Thanks to Matt Sears for loaning it to me. I thought it was pretty funny. I think it must have been a heavy influence on several of Christopher Guest's faux-documentary films.Our three remaining fish are still swimming. I think they're getting more healthy because I've switched them over to the protien diet. I've made them cut way back on their french fries, toast and pasta.


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Thanks, Big Dan, for the shout-out.Annie Hall is a must see. Some of his more recent films haven’t been that spectacular. Small Time Crooks was pretty good. My favorite Woody Allen movie is Love and Death. We watched it in my philosphy class.

brendoman [Visitor]08/20/03 @ 10:13

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