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Rove vs Rove

09/03/08 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

In case you weren't already convinced that Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly were duplicitous partisan hacks:

Clips like this are why I watch the Daily Show.



Haha! That’s good stuff. Especially Rove. First, he thought Wasilla was the 2nd largest Alaskan town. Then he argues with himself from opposite sides of the same fence. C’est la vie in politics!

lucas [Visitor]http://brendoman.com/wardwords09/04/08 @ 12:19

Watching political commentary even through the Daily Show satire lens is more than I can handle sometimes.

Kyle [Visitor]http://www.brendoman.com/kyle09/04/08 @ 13:44

man, who do liberals hate more? hannity or morris? LOL

melanie [Visitor]09/04/08 @ 23:15

This really makes me consider getting cable.

peter [Visitor]09/07/08 @ 22:30

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