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Prius mileage

06/20/07 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech
Toyota Prius monitor showing 54.2 MPG

For the first 10,000 miles my fuel economy on the Prius was around 39 mpg. Since then it's gone up steadily until it hit about 45 mpg. I reset the counter and paid a bit more attention to how I was driving for 2 tanks of gas and this is where it ended up. 54 mpg is pretty good, considering the fact that it was mostly on the highway and the EPA rating for this car is 51 mpg on the highway (60 in the city, 55 combined).

With gas at this price, the investment in a hybrid is paying for itself more quickly than I expected.



Show off!

But I am just a bit jealous….

dave [Visitor]  http://www.mindfulmission.com06/21/07 @ 09:57

Course having high gas prices sure helps a lot to justify the initial expense of owning a hybrid.

Though some studies have shown that the energy saved during the lifetime of a hybrid doesn’t generally balance out the extra energy required to manufacture it, I’m sure that either it’s really not as big a deal as the studies have made it out ot be or it will become less of an issue in the future.

Gas efficiency of my conventional 2003 Honda Civic for reference.

Ian Lewis [Visitor]http://www.ianlewis.org/07/01/07 @ 02:12
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/07/01/07 @ 08:55

That’s great! On the other hand, I drive a 1987 Honda CRX Si that I bought from the original owner for $1200, is in great condition, and is very satisfying. It only gets a consistent 35 mpg if I drive it like an adult, and 33 mpg if I drive it like a kid. It currently has 285,000 miles on it, and is acting like it might run forever, so I guess I will keep it.

Richard [Visitor]  07/07/07 @ 22:19

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