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Nations that don't use the metric system

06/19/07 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

That's Burma, Liberia, and the US.

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When I was in England (20 years ago) they still drank pints, drove miles, and weighed people in stones. I’d be surprised if they don’t still do that. (They still spend British pounds instead of Euros. American hardheadedness can, I believe, be traced to the Brits.)

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danny… why do you hate america?

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You’ll be pleased to know that we still drink pints of beer with a 25cl whiskey chaser, we still drive miles to a litre of petrol, we still weigh ourselves in stones and food in kilograms, and we still spend pounds which are worth 1.5 euros each ….. so you’ve not missed much in the last 20 years ;)


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