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CDs I can play without skipping a song

5. Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom I had a marginal knowledge of this band (Super Bon Bon, Soft Serve, Soundtrack to Mary) when I met Danny, who owned three of their CDs. I love this album, their first, because it is raw and original--probably why none of the… more »

You have what??

After being subjected to Bob Dole promoting Viagra and countless bald men spraying on "natural-looking" hair-in-a-can, I decided it was time to write the "Top 5 personal problem products you should not advertise on tv". 5. Incontinence What do a… more »

Books on my shelf that I will never read (again)

5. How Stella Got Her Groove Back    Terry McMillan I think I read this in high school. It's a trashy paperback involving an older woman and her sexual escapades with a much younger man. Why I read this in high school I have no… more »

Isn't that the guy from...

He's been in over 50 movies, but rarely as the lead. He's good friends with John Cusack, who I am moderately obsessed with. (It's a tie between him and Jon Stewart). Here are my favorite Jeremy Piven-featuring films. 5. Very Bad Things Okay, so I… more »

Virtual Keyboard

Check out this PDA keyboard. It's projected by laser onto any flat surface and it uses IR to calculate what key you're pushing. It's for sale here for $100. George Jetson, eat your heart out. more »

Peter Jackson cameo in the Two Towers

I was capturing some clips from the Two Towers (for this Sunday's message at church) and I noticed that this soldier looks a lot like Peter Jackson. This is from the battle of Helm's Deep, just as the door is being smashed. more »

Rock Star Cameos

1. Dave Pirner (of Soul Asylum) in Reality Bites He is sitting on a couch behind Janeane Garafalo as she informs us that her parents "pee with the door open." He then mumbles something incoherent. 2. George Clinton (of George Clinton and the P-Funk… more »

Let the paranoia begin. This site claims that all human speech contains secret subliminal messages when played in reverse. I did an experiment and found that it's true. When I say "Reverse Speech dot com" and play it backwards, it says, "Make loony… more »

Spirit rolls out

JPL engineers played Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" in the control room as they watched new images confirming that the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit successfully rolled off its lander platform early Thursday morning. from the Mars Moblog more »

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