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Multi-player drawing.

Eric Deis - Beauty and Chaos Through Time and Space, which is a fancy name for a bunch of people drawing at the same time. Quite cool, though.


If they don't tumble, we don't sell them

What the . . .

This site combines terrible web design with a very unusual business. And you can view it in English and Japanese.

(via The Daily Sucker)

Four ways in which my life is just like Pac-Man's

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Four Ways in Which My Life Is Just Like Pac-Man's. by John Crownover

1. Ever-present wail of sirens
2. Relentlessly pursued by ghosts
3. Four special pills daily keep ghosts at bay
4. Occasionally eat some fruit

2005 Predictions

Click here to read some predictions for 2005 in the world of tech. The author's track record isn't too bad. Check out last year's predictions. Interesting stuff. Do you have any predictions for 2005?

LAN party pictures

Gallery :: 2004 November - Here are some images from the LAN party. I thought my buddy Tim would appreciate the Starcraft scores. He taught me everything I know. I also threw in some Halloween pictures from princess Emma.


How to never miss and episode with bittorrent and rss - First, this site is down at the moment, but you can read the article from Google's cache here. Second, this actually works. Brendan can't watch the Daily Show in China or use BitTorrent, so I've got a set up on my computer that gets the show every day so he can download it from me. This could be very useful, especially if you don't have TiVo.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has a new book coming out on September 20. If you like Stewart, but don't like the convenience of television, then you'll want this book. has an exclusive interview with some funny moments. Is there one standout issue, and why does it make a difference? What are the most crucial issues?

Stewart: The precise details as to what level of heroism John Kerry exhibited in Vietnam should be the only issue determining the outcome of this election. Were his actions truly noble? Or merely valiant?

"Hang Kerry's DJ"

This article at introduces us to an often unseen area of presidential campaigning--the candidate's choice of music. Crappy musical taste and crude Missouri references abound. (If you don't have a subscription to Salon, you can get a day pass for free.)

Moore politics, less certainty

I finally watched Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004). I'm still not sure how I feel about it. The movie really did have an effect on me. I know that half of it is the manipulation that comes with the craft of documentary filmmaking. I also know that Moore stretched some facts and led viewers to make connections that aren't really there. But still, Bush did look pretty bad in parts. I'm talking mainly about all of the business connections. But Kerry and company are not exactly blue-collar America either. It's also pretty clear now that WMD wasn't a good reason for going to war. Tonight even Bill O'Reilly admitted to that. But then again, Kerry supported the war originally, too. So, I don't know what to think or who to vote for.

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