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LAN party pictures

11/22/04 | by [mail] | Categories: miscellaneous

Gallery :: 2004 November - Here are some images from the LAN party. I thought my buddy Tim would appreciate the Starcraft scores. He taught me everything I know. I also threw in some Halloween pictures from princess Emma.



I’m so proud. The universe hasn’t seen a spanking like that since the Red Protoss annihilation of ‘99. I’m glad your Starcraft skills are still in tip-top shape. And I’m flattered to be credited with teaching you everything you know. Unfortunately, it’s not quite true. If it were, you would have been Zerg. Kneel for the swarm!

Sorry I missed it,

Tim [Visitor]11/23/04 @ 16:56

Mr. Ferguson…very impressive score. Don’t listen to my brother, though. You made the right decision, going with Protoss. Tim just likes the early zergling attack, which I normally crush anyway. Good to hear that there is some fun stuff going on in South-Central-Western Missouri…if that’s what you call your “area.” The Adrian-Butropolis, that is.

Take care


Greg H [Visitor]11/24/04 @ 15:58

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