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It's a long, long rope they use to hang you soon I hope
And I wonder why this hasn't happened
Why why why
And I think about the dirt that I'll be wearing for a shirt
And I hope that I get old before I die

I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die


He wants a shoehorn, the kind with teeth
People should get beat up for stating their beliefs

Shoehorn With Teeth


I like people, they're the ones who can't stand
They're the ones who can't stand
I see smoke signals coming from them
They say "We are out of furniture"

Stand On Your Own Head

Cordless Jump Rope

Cordless Jump RopeCordless Jump Rope - If you like everything about jumping rope except for the rope, then this invention is for you. Hold the two handles and pretend that they're connected by a rope. Swing the imaginary rope around your body and jump over it. Or just imagine that you're jumping over the imaginary rope. Or, better yet, just sit on your couch and imagine that you ordered this device. is going into my bloglines subscriptions.

(via Dave Barry's Blog)

Referring searches

One of the many tricks that our blogging software, b2evolution, can do is to keep track of how people arrive at the site. It tells me who's linking to me and how many visitors they send my way. And when someone finds this site through a search engine, b2evolution logs what search terms they used to find me. Sometimes the results are amusing. Kyle and Henry have both posted their findings. Here's how people find this site.

1. theologically incorrect worship lyrics

2. top worship songs

3. did Jesus sing songs - These first three all lead to the ever popular Worst Worship Songs post from a year and a half ago. 254 comments and counting. The thread covers a wide range of topics, but I don't think anyone brought up whether Jesus sang or not.

4. christian u2 cool ambiguous vague comments blog - Even totally random searches will lead you to the worst worship song post.

5. janky kids kirksville - I did mention janky once. I think it got mixed in with Kirksville on an archive page, which is where this search leads you. So the searcher didn't find the answer to the question on my site. But I suspect the answer is yes.

6. danny janky - That's just mean.

7. import DVDs to iTunes - Good search. I hope they were happy with their results.

8. bald eagle hat making for kids - This one just lead to an archive page, too. It was just a coincidence that the page contained the words needed to match this search. But it's nice to have this insight into someone's psyche.

9. "aerial pictures" "tikal" - Tikal is a cool game. I would be interested to know how aerial photos are involved.

10. danny ferguson - Nothing funny about this one.

11. b2evolution plugin - Close. I do maintain and it is hosted on this same server.

12. Free "Harry Potter" sheet music - They must have really wanted their sheet music. They looked through 25 pages of results before they found my site. And they probably looked through some more, because I don't have any sheet music. Much less Harry Potter sheet music. And if I did I wouldn't be giving it away for free.

Goodnight everybody.

Football Highlight video

The highlight video for last night's game is up on Get it while it's fresh.

Edit: I was having some problems exporting from iMovie. The filesizes were too big, it was badly interlaced, and encoding it was taking forever. I switched to the 'export for iPod' setting and it fixed all three problems. Not to mention that it upped the coolness factor.

Board game wishlist

I created a wishlist at showing some games that I think would be fun. I don't necessarily want to own these games, I just want to play them. So, if you're thinking about buying some German board games for yourself, consider these to be recommendations. Just make sure you bring them to one of our game nights. I updated my collection online, but it's still nothing compared to Matt's. I also posted my top ten favorite games.

Adrian v. Tipton

This is the highlight reel I made of Friday night's high school football game. I was mostly just playing around with my new video camera. I made the music in Garage Band.

High quality quicktime file.

Kaleidiscope paint

Kaleidoscope Painter - For those of you who have run out of interesting ways to waste time.

Another optical illusion

This is one of the more interesting optical illusions I've seen recently.

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