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Cordless Jump Rope

06/01/06 | by [mail] | Categories: miscellaneous

Cordless Jump RopeCordless Jump Rope - If you like everything about jumping rope except for the rope, then this invention is for you. Hold the two handles and pretend that they're connected by a rope. Swing the imaginary rope around your body and jump over it. Or just imagine that you're jumping over the imaginary rope. Or, better yet, just sit on your couch and imagine that you ordered this device.

patentsilly.com is going into my bloglines subscriptions.

(via Dave Barry's Blog)


1 comment

Please help! I work out at a facility that has carried the cordless jump rope but noone has ever been able to tell me how I go about getting one. I need one for my husband who is leaving black marks on my basement ceiling! Where do I get them???????

Lezlie Kizer [Visitor]  10/02/06 @ 13:20

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