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Google Spell for b2evolution

05/31/06 | by [mail] | Categories: b2evolution

We've been using it here on brendoman.com for a while, but now the Google Spell plugin for b2evolution is publicly available at AstonishMe.co.uk. We're pretty excited to release it into the community for free. The spell checker than comes with b2evolution does not work at all, so this will be a good alternative. It does require b2evolution 1.6 or later.

This really was a collaborative project for the team at Astonish Me. I started the ball rolling by exploring different ways a spell check plugin could be made. There are several server side methods, like aspell and pspell, but they aren't as easy to install. I settled on Google's spell check API because it's free, fast, multilingual and easy to connect to. Then I found GoogieSpell, some GPL javascript code that handles the connection to Google and the user interface of the spell checker. Once I found that I was able to drop it into a b2evolution plugin and have it working in no time.

Then, I passed it off to stk and YaBBa at AstonishMe and they kicked the tires and found a few problems. They fixed them up and stk started working on the fluffy write-up. That man could sell ice to an Eskimo. Then we discovered that there was a limit to how much text the spell checker could handle. Any text after that limit was just ignored. So, YaBBa set about rewriting part of the plugin to correct that problem (which also exists in GoogieSpell). I think this turned into a big project for him, but he was successful. After that we ironed out a few more bugs and released the plugin.

It's a free plugin, but we're hoping that our work on it will get some positive attention for AstonishMe, which may help us make some money down the road. Follow the first link in the post for a more detailed description of the plugin. Or, just leave a comment here to see the spell checker in action.



Hi Dan, I’m from Hong Kong, so sorry in advance if you feel my English is terrible! :p

In fact I perceived that Google Spell for b2evo is a great stuff! Although as you can see, my blog is mainly in Chinese, I still would like to install this spell-checker in case my friends want to use it (one of my friends always have typo which is quite misleading for me lol).

But the bad thing for me is that AstonishMe.co.uk is down…so that I have nohope to get the plugin and have a try. Is it possible for you to contact the site admin and see if there is any problem?

Many thanks in advance. And this blog is really a great resourses for b2evo bloggers! Keep it up! :)

Tim [Visitor]  http://www.timexplorer.com08/16/06 @ 23:51

do you have another language support ??

estetik [Visitor]http://www.estetiks.net02/20/10 @ 08:57

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