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G4TechTV goes from bad to worse

11/12/04 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

I guess the Comcast execs weren't happy with their first try at screwing up TechTV. Earlier this year they merged their G4 network with the newly aquired TechTV. Leo LaPorte and Patrick Norton, the network's two top talents didn't make it into the new network. The G4 content was and is pure crap and the only surviving good show, the Screen Savers was tampered with to the point that I can barely watch it. Well, if they weren't satisfied with how badly they had screwed up this once perfect network, they finished the job today. The execs called Alex, Dan, Yoshi and Martin into the office and told them to get out of the building by 3 pm. TSS will be in reruns for a bit while they revamp the show again. It's only going to get worse. Look at their website. Look at it! Techtv.com used to be one of the best resources on the web. Now it's a stinking, bloated, ugly peice of crap. This is really disappointing to me. I've learned a lot from that show. I may not have got an IT job if it weren't for it. And now it's going down the tubes.

Update: Click here for a list of G4TechTV execs' emails. If you agree with my assessment, let them hear it.

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