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Another view on slavery and the Bible

When I discussed slavery and the Bible a few weeks ago, I tried to deal with the various responses that I might hear from people who believe that the Bible is inerrant. Apparently there was one that I didn't think of, but I heard it today. I was… more »

Good quote

I came across a quote that pretty well sums up my current view of religion: What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof. - Christopher Hitchens Which is very similar to Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. -… more »

Is God Imaginary?

God Is Imaginary is a site that offers 50 simple proofs that the Christian God is not real. The articles are good and should give any Christian plenty to think about, but I'm not sure how I feel about their use of the word "proof." I think that many… more »

Slavery and the Bible

I have a question for my friends and readers who consider the Bible to be the inerrant word of God. Some of my friends are Christians, but they're willing to admit that at least parts of the Bible are not inerrant. You guys are off the hook for today.… more »

What if

Here's a thought experiment. What would happen if some authoritative Christian body, such as the Episcopal Church, came out with a new version of the Bible with the worst of the bad stuff removed? There would be some backlash, of course. But what if… more »

Euthyphro dilemma

One common argument for the existence of God is the moral argument, which says that the best explanation for humanity's shared sense of right and wrong is a god who sets an objective standard. I've discussed with the Morality Argument before, but I'd… more »

Romney is no Kennedy

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave a speech today to deal with concerns about his Mormon faith. Many evangelicals don't consider Mormonism to be a part of orthodox Christianity. It's a voting bloc that Romney can ill afford to lose, yet he's seen… more »

Malcolm in the MIddle on God

(via Atheist Media Blog) more »

Kyle's answer

I was excited to see my friend and fellow Truman (and CCF) alumnus Kyle write about the reasons he believes in God. I think very highly of Kyle and while I found his reasons unconvincing, I respect his faith and I enjoyed reading about it. I don't… more »

34 Unconvincing Arguments for God

The Minnesota Atheists posted a list of 34 Unconvincing Arguments for God. It gives a brief rebuttal of almost every reason I've heard for believing that a god exists. If you don't want to download the pdf version, here's an html version. more »

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