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Why Evolution Is True

Here is Jerry Coyne giving a talk based on his book, Why Evolution Is True: I thought it was a good presentation of the evidence for evolution, though he veers a little off topic toward the end. He points out that acceptance of evolution is lower in… more »

Infinite punishment

A group was handing out these fake money tracts at the parade on Saturday in Billings, MO: The highlighted line reads: God's perfect justice demands an infinite punishment in hell for breaking just one commandment. What an impossibly unfair system!… more »

7 Advantages of Nonbelief

I didn't give up belief in God because I thought it would make me happy. In fact, I began my examination of the claims made by Christianity with some fear that life without faith would be bleak and rudderless. After two years of nonbelief, I've… more »

Alternatives to Faith

I asked my readers to offer their definitions of the word faith. I'd like to stir together their thoughts along with the definitions provided in the dictionary and the Bible, adding a dash of my own opinion and boiling it down into a concise, simple… more »

Faith and wishful thinking

I'm still working on an article about faith, but I wanted to bounce another idea off of my readers. What is the relationship between faith and wishful thinking? The Bible says that faith is "the evidence of things hoped for." Certainly many of the… more »

What is faith?

I'd like to do some writing, thinking and discussing about the subject of faith. I have some ideas about it, but I'd like to hear from you, so here are some questions to get things started: 1. What is faith? How do you define the word? 2. Is it a good… more »

6 Passages That Weren't in the Original New Testament

The printing press was invented in 1439, so for the first 1400 years of Christianity all of the books were copied by hand. For the first 300 years, that work was done by literate church leaders rather than by a class of professional scribes and monks as… more »

Hell is Terrorism

Last fall my family and I were taking a walk around town when we saw this church sign: Emma read the sign and we discussed it as we walked. Sara quickly noted a grammatical problem with the sign, but I will leave that aside for now and focus on the… more »

Church and State Reprised

Several of my Facebook friends have been joining the cause Keep God in Schools. Back when I was a pastor, I wrote an article for the church newsletter about the separation of church and state. My view today is very similar to my view then. Separation of… more »

A Film About Homosexuality and Christianity

Is it possible to be a devoted Christian and an openly gay person? How do Christian families deal with the news that their child is gay when their church tells them that homosexuality is an abomination? These are some of the questions tackled in the… more »

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