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Emma's games

11/27/05 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech, family/personal

Emma has been learning more about computers lately. She can handle a mouse and navigate through several different kids' websites, playing flash games and watching cartoons. She can also use bookmarks and the back button in the browser, which puts her ahead of some adults I know. To help her get to her favorite sites I made a little page with images that link to the sites. I add this to the bookmark toolbar and she can do the rest on her own. Here's the site:


Feel free to use it if you have a little one who might enjoy these games.



Yeah, she’s definitely ahead of my parents. They don’t even want to deal with bookmarks.

[Member]  11/28/05 @ 19:07

l o v e l y because its good for kids as well as adults ill give you 1000/1000

rebecca [Visitor]http://personman.com/emma_s_games05/24/08 @ 06:15

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