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Earthcore, the podcast novel

11/25/05 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

Earthcore coverEarthcore by Scott Sigler is a novel that was originally published via podcast. I subscribed to it in iTunes and I've been listening to it. It's not a great novel, but it's pretty fun. For me it's been worth the free download. The author reads it and releases a new chapter (or group of chapters) every week. Actually he finished podcasting Earthcore and ended up getting a publishing deal. So now there's a print version and another podcast novel on the way. If you have some time to kill in a commute or something, subscribe, download the episodes and give it a listen. Find out more at scottsigler.net/earthcore.


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Hey thanks for mentioning EarthCore on your blog. I hope you enjoy it all the way through – and listen to Ancestor as well (www.scottsigler.net/ancestor).

Scott Sigler [Visitor]http://www.scottsigler.net11/28/05 @ 14:00

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