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Adrian Chamber of commerce

My current web design project is a redesign of the Adrian, Missouri Chamber of Commerce site. They contacted me to have me keep the site updated for them, but I told them that I thought it needed to be totally redesigned. It was done in FrontPage and… more »


I'm kind of a music junkie. And while I'd like to say I've found some great new band/artist that no one else has ever heard of, as of late, I have been obsessed with an older artist: Stevie Wonder. I have always liked soul music (I hope that is a PC… more »

LiveJournal importer for b2evolution

Purpose b2evolution already has methods for importing blog posts from Wordpress, b2/cafelog and Movable Type. I've modified the Movable Type importer to create a LiveJournal importer. Installation Requires b2evolution 0.9.x or later Download this… more »

Bill Gates admits mistakes

"In a sense we're doing a 'mea culpa' in saying we've waited too long for a new browser release," Gates said during his talk to kick off Microsoft's first show for designers and developers of high-impact Web sites. "We are very immersed in the browser… more »

A great site for Mac freeware

Since I switched to a Mac last May I've been constantly on the lookout for good, free software. One site has helped me more than any other. They're always posting descriptions of programs that are useful, fun or both. I've been meaning to post about… more »

Software and Tools

I've been doing some web design work with a new company called AstonishMe! I'm working with a couple of very bright programmers/designers who are active in the b2evolution forums. Last week I completed my first custom page design for the company. I… more »

Podcasts Galore

I took a spin through the iTunes podcast directory tonight looking for something for my dad to put on his iPod Shuffle to listen to on his commute. I was amazed at how many new shows there are. You can learn half a dozen languages, get news from the… more »

Newsvine invites

Thanks to Henry I now have a Newsvine account and 20 invites to give out. Newsvine is a news service that's currently in private beta. It looks very promising. If you want an invite, drop me a line. more »

Emma's computer

Emma has her own computer now. Someone was going to throw away an old Gateway with 256 MB RAM, so I took it and isntalled Edubuntu, the Ubuntu Linux version that is made for kids. So far it's working great. I had to monkey around with it to get the… more »

Where comment spam comes from

Ever wondered how the comment spamming jerks do their thing? Here's one of the programs they use: I'm not making this a link because I don't want to give them any help in search rankings, so copy the url and paste it… more »

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