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LiveJournal importer for b2evolution

03/28/06 | by [mail] | Categories: b2evolution

b2evolution already has methods for importing blog posts from Wordpress, b2/cafelog and Movable Type. I've modified the Movable Type importer to create a LiveJournal importer.

Requires b2evolution 0.9.x or later

  1. Download this file: import-lj.txt.
  2. Remove the .txt from the filename and add a .php extension, then upload it to your b2evolution admin folder.
  3. Edit the /admin/tools.php file and add this section:

    <div class="panelblock">
    <h2><?php echo T_('LiveJournal Import') ?></h2>
    <li>Use LiveJournal's <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=8&q=export" title="LiveJournal documentation for exporting posts">export functionality</a> to create an XML file containing your posts.
    <ul><li>Exports done in this way will not include comments.</li>
    <li>LiveJournal's export page creates a separate file for each month, requiring you to run the importer multiple times</li>
    <li>To get an one XML file with all of your posts and comments, use <a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/ljarchive">ljArchive</a></li>
    <li>This importer is compatible with either method</li>
    <li>Place the XML file in the /admin folder on your server</li>
    <li>Follow the instructions in the <a href="import-lj.php">LiveJournal migration utility</a>.</li>

Go to the Tools tab and you'll see the instructions that you added in step 2 above. Get your xml backup file from LiveJournal using ljArchive. LiveJournal has their own export page, but it only archives one month at a time and it doesn't include comments. ljArchive is the preferred method, but the importer will work with either method. Upload the xml file to the admin folder and run the importer. You'll be able to choose which author and category you want assigned to the LiveJournal posts.



Hello, I recently tried this, but when I upload the month’s XML file (I’m using and choosing to use the LJ Exporter) it reads it but says that there are zero entries, when I can see that there are a bunch. Do you know what this could be?

Perhaps I am not creating the XML file correctly. What I am doing is filling in the form on LJ. It then takes me to (what I assume) is the text of the XML file. I copy and paste the text in Notepad and save it as “lj.xml". I drop that file into the admin file of my blog. Is there a different, more correct, way of making an XML file?

Thanks for your help!

Nathan Sheets [Visitor]03/29/06 @ 19:29
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/03/30/06 @ 08:12

Cool, that worked as far as seeing that there were 19 entries. After it imports, should the entries show up? I can’t see them on the page nor in the admin section anywhere. Where do they go and how do I get them on my b2evo blog?

Sorry for my cluelessness.

Nathan [Visitor]03/30/06 @ 15:44

Oop, nevermind. Figured it out. Thanks!

Nathan [Visitor]03/30/06 @ 17:13


i installed everything as described here however when i access the migration file i get:

There doesn’t seem to be a conf/_config.php file. You must install b2evolution before you can import any entries.

config.php is installed though and my blog runs normal..whats wrong ?


seems a bit small (1kB) is there maybe a wrong version uploaded ?

thanks for any reply.

michael [Visitor]http://www.justalive.de04/25/06 @ 10:37
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/04/25/06 @ 12:59

np..i uploaded the new file however i get some error code. is this working with phoenix release 1.6 i noticed that some path structures are different

b2evocore instead of evocore

i changed that but still had the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_logged_in() in …..

i think it could have something todo with my hosting settings. maybe php safe mode ?

michael [Visitor]http://www.justalive.de04/25/06 @ 16:11

sorry for double post..

i also noticed the file _main.php in evocore seems to be called _main.inc.php now ?!

michael [Visitor]http://www.justalive.de04/25/06 @ 16:13
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/04/25/06 @ 19:52

ok thnx for the info

michael [Visitor]http://www.justalive.de04/26/06 @ 14:43

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